T&T Murder Toll 2022: Lessons from the blood

On November 30, 2022 the murder toll for the year to date was 555 and on December 31st, 2022 it was 606 murders which meant there were 51 murders for the month with no hint of slowing down to come. There were many lessons forthcoming in the period November to December 2022 which must not be silenced with a fixation with the new murder high of 2022.

These lessons are: the taking of the head, its display but no sign of the body, death by garroting whilst being beaten in the head then wrapped in cling wrap and dumped, the number of identified Venezuelans taken out and dumped, not counting those disappeared. Then there is the number of instances where ammunition with state marking were consumed in attacks and left behind to send the message that we have breached the security of your state, your state is corrupt, we pull the strings. The number of Taurus hand guns being interdicted by the TTPS towards the end of the year indicates the rolling out of a new aspect of the Mexican model in T&T. Taurus made in Brazil was never a desired weapon in the Caribbean given the desire for massa gun brands, now this is changing as Brazil is the largest growing consumer market and the premier export point for cocaine to the world. The dual pipelines into and from Brazil mean that T&T is now integrated into these Brazil pipelines which include Guyana and Suriname. The Taurus platform with its AR 15 models etc will now flow out of Brazil and up the island chain via the Eastern Caribbean Trafficking Pipeline with quality products. The event horizon is now expanding whilst the national security apparatus and the politicians transfixed on the Gulf.

2022 is directly linked to the war that commenced in 2017 and continues in 2023 which raises the question if the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy, members of the national security apparatus and other agents of the state who are all in bed with the Colombians are now involved in this war in a desperate bid to breathe life into the moribund business model they are clinging to? What must be understood is that the Mexicans have encountered before such concerted opposition by oligarchic families and agents of the state in the Caribbean Basin and they mitigated the threats posed very effectively and are now exercising unchallenged hegemony over these drug trafficking zones! T&T the party now start! Note carefully the tonnage now flowing through Jamaica in spite of the normality of their high annual murder tolls, T&T that is your future, now. Pax Mexicana!!!

Murder Toll November 2022: The Parting of the Ways!

In November 2022 the murder toll was 43, with the year to-date toll at 555 which means a toll of 45 plus in December 2022 will put us into entirely new territory of 600 murders for the year signaling that T&T is now faced with a tsunami of gun violence whilst the politicians fiddle and seek out scape-goats with the latest being Customs & Exise T&T. From June to November 2022 the monthly murder toll is directly linked to the intensity of the war between the The Mexican TTOs and the Colombian capo in T&T. In the period the monthly murder toll escalates into the 60s per month when the engagement is at its highest and decreases into the 40s when it is at its lowest. Even when the level of intensity falls in the war between TOC models in conflict T&T, still has a grave gun violence problem. The monthly toll shows the swing between the 40s to the 60s clearly as follows: June 40, July 61, August 66, September 48, October 63, November 43. One expects then that December 2022 is supposed to be in the 40s in keeping with the trend, but predicting on past experience is foolhardy in the GAME given what transpires on the ground and in November 2022 there was the taking and display of a head. In November 2022 a head was taken and displayed but not fully in keeping with the Rule as the walkover is the expected point of display. To-date no identity has been determined for the head taken and displayed, no body found. The last occasion heads were taken and displayed in T&T an entire organisation of the Colombian capo was decapitated in T&T and a capo was disappeared in Venezuelan waters. Kilo bricks are washing up on the beaches of Sucre state, Venezuela, the FANB is now operationalised in Sucre and the command and control center for the capo operation in T&T in the municipality in Sucre has been publicly named. The spotlight has been switched on the capo disrupting his pipelines to T&T. How can you prosecute a war in T&T when your pipelines to T&T passing through Venezuela are under attack by the state and Pax Mexicana. The message was sent in November 2022 that enough is enough with this futile battle when you have already lost the war, not only in T&T but in the world as your operations in Europe are being dismantled. You have broken every rule of the Game in T&T with no concern for its impact on earning dead Presidents and Euro. A mindless, nihilist business model that destabalises the market from which you must earn. You will now once again be de-capitated in T&T. Pax Mexicana over Venezuela will now squeeze the capo in T&T into submission by any means necessary. Pax Mexicana. With peace in T&T there is still the grave problem of the have nots of the life which the capo armed to unleash mayhem and destabalise the social order, left out of control and under no order of discipline and incapable of being an earning member of a disciplined order of the Game. Certainly not Mexican TTOs affiliate or affiliate of an affiliate material. T&T’s long term problem. Pax Mexicana!!!

October 2022 Murder Toll Trinidad and Tobago

October 2022 Gun Violence in T&T

There were 63 murders in October 2022 compared to 55 in October 2021, a 14,55% increase over October 2021. October 2022 returned to the level of violence of August 2022 outstripping the level of September 2022. The wars between the Mexican TTOs and the Colombian capos in T&T continue but with marked changes in the engagement on the ground. During August 2022 the murder toll for this month was impacted by the hunt for underlings, associates of associates of the Mexican TTOs which then expanded to their families and friends and persons caught in the wrong place and time when they rode up on them, hunting these targets. October 2022 was then the month of children as collateral damage in this futile bid to break the back of a hegemonic business model. The push back appeared in October 2022 effectively sending the message that the apex of the hierarchy attached to the capos will be extinguished including the capos living in T&T. In December 2021 one such capo on his way back to Venezuela to celebrate 7 days of Feliz navidad riding in the pinero with all the party goods was so disappeared without trace, as such is again on the agenda as everyone gets slack celebrating Feliz navidad. The Mexicans will take you out on the day you Christen your precious male child. This shit ain’t done it now start.

In October 2022 we experienced in T&T the volatile propensity for violence generated by the mix of young teenage males, teenage conflict and the spontaneous use of the gun to resolve conflict in his favour predicated on the use of overwhelming force against an unarmed teenager in conflict with. The insight into the personality of the teenage personality is the method of disposal of the body of the victim. The perpetrator has to be assessed to determine if he has the personality traits of a psychopath, an asocial personality. Gun possession by a teenager spikes the evolution of a predator to the stage of murderer. Next stage the school, church, public places shooters!

Gun Violence in T&T 2017 to 2022

The nature of gun violence in this period has evolved rapidly for two main reasons: the volume of illicit guns available at affordable prices on the illicit market and the ever expanding range of types of weapons available summed up in the rapid rise of the AR-15 assault rifle as the weapon of choice. The illicit gun market of T&T is now unique to the Caribbean island chain far superior to that of Jamaica, matching the availability of weaponry, ammunition, weapon parts, the reloading of ammunition and other material of the US territories of the Caribbean who have the right to bear arms. The T&T illicit gun market today does not indicate characteristics of a market where the right to bear arms does not exist, and this reality speaks to the scope and nature of this grave problem.

There is now in T&T a return to the weapons market of the USA to source supply especially AR-15 assault rifles at much lower prices set by the traditional Colombian gun suppliers. The gun smuggling pipelines from the USA to T&T would source their supply in the states of Florida, Georgia and Texas and will be shipped to our legal ports from these states or from other US states. There is also the pipeline from Puerto Rico, the US Virgin islands and the Dominican Republic.

This is transnational organised crime in operation with the state agency charged with interdicting the entry of all illicit and smuggled goods into T&T, Customs and Excise in its present operational condition being not fit for purpose, incapable of engaging with transnational organised crime by effectively squeezing the flow into the legal ports forcing them to seek out other means to smuggle their weapons into T&T. As is now the ports of T&T are a safe zone for transnational organised crime. The effectiveness of Customs and Excise will be reflected in an unbroken rise in the price for weapons, ammunition etc where demand outstrips supply on the market. The reality today is a perverse opposite where we as a nation pay the cost in blood.

A multi-pronged intervention into Customs and Excise and all legal ports of T&T must be launched immediately to stem the flow of smuggled weapons, induce shortages of supply and escalate the cost of acquisition of illicit weapons. Customs and Excise has to be weaponized to lead from in front: recruitment, training, creation of an oversight authority to ensure the integrity of its employees, a review of its operational procedures, structure and management and of its compensation package in light of it being an organization forever in the sights of transnational organised crime. The interdiction powers under law of Customs and Excise must be weaponized with the creation of a border security agency with the immigration division which must also be weaponized through reform and overhaul.

The security apparatus of all legal ports and the post office must be reconfigured to engage with the operations of transnational crime through them. Trained personnel of integrity utilsing the latest surveillance technology that works and is maintained must engage with this threat constantly. The protocol that know determines which containers will be scanned, examined thoroughly and those that will not has to be scrapped and reformulated in terms of the realities of the operational tactics of transnational organised crime to breach port security. There must then be the required quantum of staff and working machinery to ensure the smooth flow of cargo in and our of these ports.

Our repeated failure to retool the state agencies constantly in order to effectively grapple with transnational organised crime over decades of their presence in T&T means that we must now move to erect brand new barn doors after all the horses have bolted, running wild, generating mayhem and bloodshed in the social order. Ours is a grave, complex problem that the TTPS by itself cannot solve for the problem arises from weaknesses in the state which are outside of the remit of the TTPS to act. To continue with the same old failed policies we are as the little boy on the beach who believed he could drain the ocean with a spoon. We the people of T&T must note that if the murder toll of October 2022 continues into November and December 2022 we will cross 600 murders for the year of 2022. Time to think out of the box of defined reality which has repeatedly failed.

Gunlandia T&T September 2022

Murder Toll September 2022

For September 2022 the toll was 48 which was a 26. 31% increase over September 202i (38) and a 27.27% decrease compared to August 2022 (66). Only time will tell if this decrease continues into October.

The signal event for the month of September 2022 was the attack on the cash in transit detail of Allied Security Co. at the Pennywise Plaza. The entire atttack reeked of underfunded and under resourced amateurs who undertook the heist simply because the detail presented a very soft target for the taking and the attackers were armed with AR-15 assault rifles outgunning the security detail. Their planning was deficit, their material assets were inadequate, their personal training was deficit and their counter measures to avoid detection and interdiction by the TTPS were non existent. This was then a operation where the assault on the detail was deficient as u it was rooted in relying on overwhelming fire power against a soft target with the attack launched when the target was at its most vulnerable. The robbers then came intent on slaughtering the three guard detail with a rain of gunfire, but visibly failing to deal with the crux of the matter: evading interdiction, capture with the loot in hand. The intent to murder the guards as the chosen methodology to grab the loot ratcheted up the level of engagement with the TTPS but you failed to expend the necessary resources to evade interdiction successfully with the loot in hand. What was then the rationale to murder in order to grab the loot? Six arrived in the assault vehicle six left with the loot in the same vehicle but there was no transfer of the loot to a series of escape vehicles and the splitting up of the kill group into cells, to then exit T&T with the loot. The loot was dumped and found by the TTPS, the kill unit headed to Pond Street, La Romaine with the TTPS in hot pursuit as they were engaging them before they exited the escape vehicle in Pond St. In Pond St they enter the yard of a household with 13 grandchildren and two aged grandparents living in a two story building where they entered the ground floor under construction with the TTPS in hot pursuit. The neighbour alerted the grandmother that armed men were in her yard and under her house, she immediately secured entry into the upper floor, the TTPS then corned the killers downstairs and four were killed in the firefight which leaves two not accounted for. If they had gained access to the upper floor the expected outcome would have been a hostage situation and already having killed there would have been no hesitation to continue.

This is not a transnational organised crime operation, not even an organised crime operation. This is young persons emboldened to kill simply because they had in their possession AR-15 semi-automatic rifles with lots of shots to expend. This was a case of the Wilding, Spree Killers according to US criminologists, for me it was simply terrorism in action for the cash/the loot and escaping untouched to enjoy was simply not the prime directive, killing was. The flood of assault rifles and ammunition into T&T is now giving opportunity to persons intent on killing for pleasure simply to do it, soon we will have the school shooters and various types of shooters who hunt soft targets to kill wherever they are gathered as malls. An exploding supply of assault rifles changes the nature of violence in a social order as these are weapons of war enabling anyone with emotional/mental problems to act out their fantasies of exerting violence on warm bodies. T&T you have sowed the wind and you are now reaping the whirlwind.

Gunlandia T&T 2022

Gunlandia T&T 2022

For August 2022 the estimated murder toll was 66 persons which outstrips July 2022 by 5.2% with its total of 61. A comparison of August for 2022 with August 2021 shows a 88.57% jump over the toll for August 2020 which was 35.

The river of blood of July 2022 accelerated in August 2022 with the escalation of the terms of engagement where there are no “safe zones” open to the public where business can be conducted regardless of who owns and controls these spaces. As long as there is a hit out on you and you are in these spaces this is open season on you. Gunlandia in then expanding to now embrace open season hunt spaces where there is no operating concept of collateral damage, of safe spaces to conduct business and of the need to minimize the blowback from the politicians and the State. Gunlandia is in yuh face and is potently indicating its contempt for the politicians, the State national security apparatus and now for the hegemonic oligarchy of T&T. The message then is the inevitable march up the food chain as the business models continue their engagement. In Gangland it is now clearly apparent that the move to eliminate the leadership of the affiliates of the Mexican TTOs at the beginning of 2022 has now backfired with the blowback being the drive up the food chain and the tit for tit hits.

The fact of the matter is whenever you leave home for any public destination especially those where targets transit you are playing craps, rolling dice with your life as you can very well place yourself in a conjuncture with a date with death by gun in Gunlandia. As you happen to be in the range of the shooter who is taking out the target as you are walking, passing by minding your business as in a mall cap park, waiting to purchase street food, liming in a watering hole in plain sight etc etc this is Gunlandia T&T where Ganglandia, TOClandia run riot whilst the national security apparatus is in tatters, the remand yard overcrowded, the judicial system morbidly constipated and the Office of the DPP in a ramshackle condition. Don’t worry blame the TTPS and seek persistently the deflection that the oligarchs and their politicians dish out in Gunlandia that can’t block bullet especially those of an AR-15 at close range. This is eating shots. Imagine Friday morning in a store on the drag in Puna and man eating shots, dead on the floor. This is Gunlandia, Tombstone Territory T&T.


Tracking the Murder Toll June and July 2022 in Trinidad and Tobago

Using the reports of homicides published in the daily print media of T&T I have commenced tracking from June 2022 the monthly homicide toll to enable a comparative analysis with 2021 from June to December as this was the period the monthly homicide toll began its ascent in 2021 culminating in the peak in the final quarter of 2021. The murder toll in 2021 began its climb in spite of the fact that Griffith was Commissioner of Police at the time and it continues thereafter driven by realities on the ground in the illicit trades. The limitations of the methodology I am using is my sample is determined by what the three daily newspapers choose to print, it is as simple as that, but I have no other choice.

In June 2022 this methodology reported 40 homicides with 33 in June 2021, an increase of 21.21%. In July 2022 there were 61 homicides recorded compared to 38 in 2021, an increase of 60.52%. A July 2022 murder toll that outstrips the highest month for 2021. July was especially bloody as the engagement within gangland intensified as a series of drug retail points were lighted up in July 2022 and attacks on players continued. Two potent indicators of the intensity of the engagement between two contending transnational organised crime business models. The wanton blood lust of the have nots earned themselves a series of tit for tat attacks which further escalated the murder toll. Whilst the contribution of personalised violence used to mediate conflict continued and escalated and the tendency to resort to graphic violence in the course of crimes against the person and property escalated. Potently indicated by economic terrorists armed to the teeth to protect their illicit enterprise of stealing non-ferrous and ferrous metals. The interdiction in Barbados of the warehoused shipment of Colombian ganja with connections to operatives in T&T illustrate the operational presence in T&T of one of two transnational organised crime business models and the willingness of the other to give up their competition to state agencies.

The battle is lost, continued resistance is futile as earning dead presidents and euro are not enhanced by an operational reality of constant war. When your ability to earn is squeezed then you collapse and that is what is happening in T&T today as in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the Illicit Markets of T&T in 2022

The rapidly changing nature of the illicit markets of T&T in 2022 is the result of the rolling out of the business model of the Mexican TTOs over the markets of the illicit trades in T&T in 2022. The ever expanding availability on the retail drug markets of synthetic drugs especially meth/ice, ex, fentanyl and their expanding market base in T&T is driven by the Mexican preference for synthetic drugs, its greater profitability and the preferred means to stimulate demand in a market where crack is a sunset drug. The Mexicans have already impacted the ganja market of T&T rapidly increasing the volume of supply to match demand whilst harnessing local production of quality ganja to export pipelines under the control of the Mexican organisations. The volume of cocaine and heroin being transshipped through T&T continues to increase whilst interdiction remains negligible. Entirely new vistas of criminal activity are being introduced by this hegemonic business model that will blindside the way in which T&T generates, manages, stores and protects wealth as IT systems are subjected to intensified, sophisticated assaults and physical plants as banks etc come under sophisticated assaults. The assault on Republic Bank, Couva was simply a wake up call as there were items of strategic value in the safety deposit boxes that needed to be uplifted. The Mexican coyotes now exercise hegemony over human smuggling into the Caribbean for final transit to the Mexican border with the USA, then to the USA and Canada. The movement of Caribbean peoples to the Mexican border then to the USA and Canada is now dominated by the Mexican coyotes from the Caribbean Basin onwards and they dominate the inter Caribbean pipelines that feed migrants to the Mexican border, then to the USA, Canada and to Latin American markets. This is potently illustrated by the diversity of pipelines that smuggle Haitians to a menu of destinations in in the Western Hemisphere and the rest of the world. In T&T as the rest of the Caribbean Basin violence is being generated in social orders as the Mexican business model displaces and dominates the former hegemonic model of the Colombian paramilitary Dons. The decision in the first quarter of 2022 by the foot soldiers of the Colombian Dons in T&T to assassinate an operative/affiliate of the Mexicans in T&T triggered an intensification of the Cleansing of the foot soldiers of the Dons especially those attached to the remnants of the Federation all the way to its lowest levels. This then is a battle to finally take out the business model of the Dons in T&T and the have nots the foot soldiers of the Dons armed in a bid to destabalise the illicit markets which is having a blowback effect on the T&T social order. Presently it is now apparent that the Dons have embraced in T&T their favorite go to position of destabalising a social order in which their business model is now in eclipse. A comparison of the murder toll of June 2021 with that of June 2022 shows a 21.21% increase in 2022 over that of 2021 or 33 in June 2021 and 40 in June 2022. This battle between the Mexican TTOs and the Colombian paramilitary Dons business models is now threatening to drag the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy, especially the minority races, into the battle which will destabalise the T&T State to its dysfunctional core. The Dons have lost the battle, further futile resistance will intensify the destabalisation of the T&T State and its social order. Yesterday we saw in action the concept of political protest as guerrilla engagement with the State. Guess where they learnt that! Next comes the full application of the business model where everything that has a value on illicit markets will be appropriated as oil in pipelines etc. Understand what it is to have a gunman strung out on meth/ice putting down wuk in T&T or a met head in a domestic situation that is fraught with violence. Pax Mexicana!

Trinidad and Tobago Murder 2022 and the War between the Mexican TTOs and the Colombian Dons

In 2021 the rise in the monthly murder toll commenced in the final month of the second quarter accelerating thereafter until the final quarter where it exploded carrying its momentum into the first and second quarters of 2022. The relevant question then is if this momentum will accelerate further during the third and fourth quarters of 2022 taking T&T back to the rivers of blood of 2017 to 2019 or even surpassing the record set during this period? Comparing the daily and monthly murder toll of the first two quarters of 2021 with that of 2022 is then an exercise in invoking moral panic of the politics of race in T&T with the TTPS as the fall guys as per usual. This is the moral panic which has now embraced a man on his donkey riding it triumphantly seeking his palm Sunday, pure distraction driven by delusion.

Developments in Gangland and the illicit trades in 2022 do not bode well for the future stability of T&T as the Colombian paramilitary Dons, their captains in T&T of both T&T and Venezuelan origin and their foot soldiers on the ground in T&T both T&T and Venezuelan citizens have launched a war against the Gangland affiliates of the Mexican MTTOs in T&T in response to the elimination of the public leadership of the federation in T&T. The strategy adopted by the Colombian Capos in T&T is straight out of their Venezuelan playbook, thereby seeking to replicate it in T&T. It must be noted that in Venezuela this is a regime change strategy seeking to capture the State which involves the drug trafficking oligarchy of Venezuela who are tied to the Colombian Capos. In T&T the same reality applies as the drug trafficking families and clans of the T&T oligarchy are also involved as they are beholding to their Colombian overlords, no kilo bricks no sustainable wealth generation mechanism to dominate the social order of T&T especially amongst the minority race oligarchs. The Colombian Dons are then prosecuting a war against the Mexican TTOs in Venezuela and T&T simultaneously and the war in Venezuela has now crossed over into T&T as Venezuelans portrayed as head working migrants by T&T corporate regime change media are being taken out in T&T and on their way to and from T&T via the illegal water taxis/pineros that link us.

In the second half of 2021 continuing into 2022 the arms of the Colombian Dons commenced arming the have nots with AR 15s etc deliberately seeking to change the power relations and terrain of Gangland T&T to make the players of Gangland targets of the have nots in a bid to break the hegemony over Gangland since 2020 exercised by Players affiliated to the Mexican TTOs. The killing, mobbing, robbing exploded but what is noteworthy is the graphic violence of the response of Gangland affiliated to the Mexican TTOs where those responsible for attacks were publicly taken out with graphic violence using automatic rifles. The other impact of dumping fire power as sweetie in the hands of the have nots is the ratcheting up of violence against persons who are not members of Gangland, violence against the person and the resort to gun violence to mediate conflict between persons. The weaponizing of the have nots by the Colombian Dons has now escalated violence against the person in the social order to crisis levels which has no connection to what is going on in Gangland, for not all of those armed chose to to go war against the affiliates of the Mexican TTOs, preferring softer targets. The killing of Gangland Players affiliated to the Mexican TTOs will further escalate the war but the Mexican TTOs in response will target the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy by any means necessary including and especially their holdings in the USA and their drug trafficking operations into the USA. Simply put they will now apply the methodology they have applied to the drug trafficking routes of South, Central and North America to flush out their enemies and protect their hegemony. The potent lessons are forthcoming from Guatemala then Honduras on the methodology of removing hostile, recalcitrant drug trafficking oligarchs beholding to the Colombian paramilitary Dons who dare to challenge the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs. The most abundant example in the Caribbean is the destruction of politicians compliant with the agenda of the drug trafficking oligarchy subservient to the Dons of their nation, the latest one being Fahie. When specific drug trafficking families of the oligarchy beholding to the Colombian Dons move to control the nation’s national security apparatus then they have made themselves expendable, redundant. From all the symptoms exhibited in 2021 and 2022 as a nation in the year of our 60th birthday the corbeaux have come home to roost as an endemically corrupt State created by the impunity afforded politicians by the politics of race has now set in motion the machinery to destroy the social order, the nation as a transnational war of the illicit trades in T&T triggers the collapse. Lies, mystification, deflection, race hate, the politics of race is irrelevant to this war and its outcome, the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs is assured as it guts T&T in the manner of Shaka Zulu’s washing of the spears bringing down the drug trafficking oligarchy and the politicians they own!

The Arrest by the USA of the Premier of the British Virgin Islands for drug trafficking and money laundering

The affidavit that forms the indictment of Andrew Fahie Premier of the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a potent lesson in the Caribbean GAME of moving illicit drugs to US territory and the deep deep complicity of politicians, their flunkeys and agents of the State in the Caribbean. The Affidavit reveals the context of the business model of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in the Caribbean moving product to the USA and its Caribbean territories. What is described is in no way the business model of the Mexican TTOs in action which shows the familiarity of Caribbean politicians, their flunkeys and agents of the state with the Colombian paramilitary Dons business model. The hitman working for the DEA to put down the sting operation on Fahie is versed in the paramilitary Don business model being able to convince the Arab group of traffickers moving product through the BVI of his creds and likewise to the mother and son especially the son who is a trafficker of 20 years experience in the GAME and Fahie who is also experienced in the GAME. In keeping with the Colombian paramilitary Dons model of purchasing impunity from politicians and state officials in the Caribbean, the BVI is endemically corrupt enabling the DEA hitman to spin his intricate web by selling a sustainable trafficking operation with lucrative rewards and delivering deal closing bribes to seal the deal in the USA to enable arrest. Given the trafficking terrain in the Caribbean today under the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs the deal was too good to be true and those to whom the deal was pitched much too greedy as desire clouded their grasp on reality. They projected their desire as reality which landed them in a US Federal remand yard. The lesson of the Fahie sting is no extradition but arrest on US soil which is the new operating model. The BVI is a British colony and also an offshore site which enables washing of the cash proceeds of the sale of the illicit product attained in the USA. Most of all the affidavit is an accurate description of the Colombian paramilitary Dons business model especially working with the politicians and state agents to arrange seizures of worthless cocaine to have them look good in their war on drugs, crime and gangs. This is why in the Caribbean they don’t release the purity of the products seized. The other Colombian paramilitary business model is where they sell kilo bricks to groups and individuals who then pay Colombian trafficking organizations to smuggle their kilo bricks for them into the consumer nations. This is the favored model of the Caribbean oligarchs who have set up organizations in the consumer nations to receive, wholesale and launder the cash proceeds of the sale of the kilo bricks. Their family members man these organizations in the USA and Europe. These traffickers of T&T are now players on the hot USD parallel market. Click the link to read the US indictment. https://www.bvibeacon.com/dea-complaint-details-claims-against-premier-port-boss/

Tren de Aragua, Regime Change Discourse, Venezuela and T&T

Tren de Aragua, T&T and the Caribbean

The article in the Sunday Express March 13, 2022 page 7 was yet another example of the use of massa regime change discourse on Venezuela by the Express to pursue its present agenda on T&T to constantly stoke its moral panic on crime which has the TTPS in the firing line. The said article presents regime change discourse in Venezuela from sources whose discourse in no way reflects gangland reality on the ground in Venezuela to then extrapolate a causal impact on reality on the ground in T&T, which in no way is reality on the ground in Gangland T&T. Then the Express proceeds to question the acting CoP on this manufactured reality that in no way has traction with the reality of Gangland T&T today.

The entire instrument constituted to spread panic is premised on the regime change discourse of Gangland Venezuela and the so-called paramountcy of Tren de Aragua and their Caribbean operations. This discourse asserts that Tren is the paramount Gangland Venezuela organization today with no evidence to prove this assertion whilst it never articulates the relation of Tren to the Colombian paramilitary Dons or the Mexican TTOs or both. It fails to describe in detail the business model of Tren, its order of battle, organizational model and its disciplinary order. It fails to deconstruct the operational basis of Tren in Zulia state which is the command and control center of the Venezuelan illicit trades. This massa regime change discourse refuses to see the Mexican TTOs and cannot fully deconstruct the operations of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in Venezuela as they are the leading edge of regime change by insurrection, America’s instruments. Likewise the Express con job is silent on the role of the Colombian Dons and their operatives in Venezuela and T&T in the illicit trades from Venezuela to T&T and the Caribbean, this is the work of Tren. This sleight of hand massa deception is not new on Venezuela as for example there was the discourse of the Cartel of the Sun which was changed to Cartel of the Suns implicating for example Tareck el Aissami as a drug trafficker until it was revealed that the “evidence” was all fabricated, manufactured. Now there is Tren de Aragua to counter the revelations of the complicity of America’s president in waiting and the whole crew of “democrats” oppressed by Maduro with the Colombian paramilitary Dons and their trafficking organisations.

The first Venezuelan reality is that Tren arose and exerted hegemony over sections of Venezuelan Gangland in a 10 year time frame which coincided with the exertion of the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of Venezuela. The business model, the order of battle and the disciplinary order of Tren are exactly those of a Gangland affiliate of the Mexican TTOs. Tren is known to regularly engage in battle with Colombian paramilitary Dons who have invaded Venezuelan states that border Colombia especially with the renegade FARC and ELN. Tren is also known to engage , militarily with agents of the Venezuelan state in the employ of the Colombian Dons in Venezuela. Tren is all about generating wealth by any and all means necessary not regime change unlike Gangland Venezuela under the control of the Colombian Dons as El Koki which places it on a collision course with Gangland under the control of the Dons vividly illustrated by the clashes in the gold, diamond and coltan fields of Bolivar state.

Massa regime change discourse has then to generate this manufactured reality of Tren as its operational mode presents a potent challenge to the regime change agenda of Venezuelan Gangland under the control of the Colombian Dons. This daily challenge enables the Maduro regime to devote state resources to specific operations and operators of Colombian Don Gangland in Venezuela as El Koki liberating space which is then open for the new order of the Mexican TTOs. This is the benefit derived from staying clear of a regime change agenda in Venezuela today for the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Massa regime change discourse refuses to accept publicly the existence of the Mexican TTOs hence it is incapable of articulating reality on the ground forcing it to always manufacture a reality that has no traction on the ground as that of the Express and insightcrime, all instruments of massa regime change. When you use massa regime change discourse to constitute instruments of intervention on the ground you are doomed to repeat the same bullshit over and over with no impact on a reality your discourse cannot appropriate. The Express points fingers at the state agencies but the discourse it utilizes to interrogate the state agencies is incapable of understanding the reality on the ground much less efficaciously changing it.

Tren de Aragua and T&T

The Sunday Express story is now attempting to mask the reality that the Colombian Don and its agents dominate the illicit smuggling of illegal aliens into T&T from Venezuela using the sea routes from Venezuela. The illegal community that was created by human smuggling is under the hegemony of the Colombian Don and given the Cleansing coupled with the hegemony of the Mexican TTOs over the illicit trades of the Caribbean including T&T this illicit community of non-nationals, the trafficking families of the oligarchy, other persons and groups and gangland of the Colombian Don is now being reconfigured into a redoubt by/for the Colombian Dons. The order of the Mexican TTOs in Venezuela does not rely on Sucre state to export illicit drugs and illegal aliens to T&T and the Caribbean as they utilise the Colombian and Venezuelan Caribbean coastline to do this, in the case of Venezuela stretching from Falcon state to Nueva Esparta state in addition to Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana with command and control in Nueva Esparta. The disciplinary order of the Mexican TTOs and its affiliates precludes operatives of this order speaking to any researcher making revelations that will earn them their eternal silence in T&T worse yet in Venezuela. The loose lips of independents and those in the employ of the Colombian Dons reveal nothing about the order and the Tren for what applies to the business model and disciplinary order of the Colombian Don is irrelevant to the Order of the Mexican TTOs and their affiliates of Gangland.

The activities of the Tren in T&T and the Caribbean must obey the rules of the Order as there are affiliates of the Order in T&T and the Caribbean which precludes any attempt to engage in any battle for dominance against fellow affiliates of the Order. Tren will then be present to tap into the old pipeline that moves Venezuelan gold and diamonds from T&T to Europe, tap into the pipeline that exports scrap metals from T&T, tap into the pipeline that moves coltan to the north Atlantic, tap into the market for professional sex workers in T&T and the Caribbean. These are the major activities that will interest the Tren in T&T and the Caribbean as the illicit drug trafficking pipelines are well established and moving product to especially Europe. The Tren de Aragua is then simply another affiliate of the Mexican TTOs intent on squeezing the illicit market share of the Colombian paramilitary Dons in Venezuela and the Caribbean which is heightening their exclusion from the north Atlantic illicit markets especially in the rapidly growing drug market of Europe. As a result the drug trafficking families of the T&T oligarchy given their increasing dependence on US drug markets for their survival are increasingly extraditable putting in play the Cleansing of the traffickers of the oligarchy as in Guatemala and now Honduras which is/was the handiwork of the Mexican TTOs.

The said article in the Sunday Express amounted to very little in light of the hegemonic order on the ground, all it was is massa regime change discourse applied to T&T to invoke a moral panic on the threat posed by Tren de Aragua deliberately attempting to mask the activities of the Colombian Dons in T&T that pose the grave threat to public safety. The most potent indicator of this deliberate masking of reality on the ground in T&T is this statement from the article: “Intelligence sources say Tren de Aragua currently has a partnership with a well known incarcerated person from East Trinidad. The person is currently in jail, jointly charged with others with murder, conspiracy to murder and other gang related charges.” The article is then insisting that this East Trinidad group is an affiliate of an affiliate of the Mexican TTOs which means that what they are currently charged for was sanctioned by the Mexican TTOs. This assertion then opens a new can of worms for those pushing massa regime change agenda for Venezuela applied to T&T which they cannot perceive nor rationalize. The reality on the ground is entirely contrary, in fact contradictory as the link is to the Colombian Dons through the Cleansed federation, a closed chapter in the history of the illicit trades in T&T. “Intelligence” manufactured by a regime change agenda has no traction with reality on the ground, cannot appropriate reality on the ground and constitute a relevant intervention! This is the basis of massa phony war on drugs that enables the Game never controls it.

March 30, 2022 The said Sunday Express article attempting to describe reality on the ground in both Venezuela and T&T Gangland should have revealed the reality of Gilberto Malony Hernandez El Malony who created the Tren de Llanos in the service of the Colombian paramilitary Dons located in Sucre state Venezuela where for one and a half years he moved product from Sucre state to T&T and the rest of the Caribbean for the Colombian Dons. In November 2021 El Malony was killed by the FAES in San Juan de Unare, Sucre which collapsed his operations and dispersed his band to Guarico. From 2019 to November 2021 El Malony and his Tren de Llanos was the player in T&T for the Colombian Dons with developments in the illicit trades in T&T and the Caribbean flowing back to Sucre state resulting in his demise in a hail of bullets. There will be no mention of this reality in articles using regime change discourse this is a reality that will remain masked, denied by delusion.