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Learn from this reality T&T

Click on the link dump the propaganda and learn about the purge of the indigenous, resident drug traffickers of Guatemala by the Mexican cartels. Waldemar Lorenzana was a most powerful, decent, respectable and upstanding citizen of Guatemala connected to the state, political and financial systems. Lorenzana started with the Medellin cartel then sold his services to the Cali and Norte Valli cartels. He personally dealt with the Mexican cartels as hired labour and a saw them as peons refusing to bow to their hegemony over Guatemala. He was placed in a position after multiple kill teams made it clear that he was marked for death to having to choose between death at the hands of Los Zetas or a US Federal jail. He chose the latter hoping to make a deal as an informer. But those decent, respectable and upstanding citizens who know nothing of jail life make hard time and they are not outside of the hands of the Mexican cartels as even the Aryan Brotherhood is now a Mexican cartel affiliate remember high quality industrial grade methamphetamine supplied by the cartels. So they have to sing like a semp and hope it is enough to place them in the US witness protection program if not then they have to serve their time in protective detention: jail within the jail. In general population in a Federal pen they dead. Father and son Erik Leonel Estrada were publicly and graphically hunted and the methodology of the hunt expressed the anathema of the Mexicans. Remember you simply lose your head. Faced with this reality the Estradas left Guatemala in US chains. These are instances where there were extraditions to the US but the article does not deal with those who lost their heads simply exterminated as a potent indicator of the hegemony of the Mexican cartels over Guatemala. What must be noted is the fact that the Mexican cartels brought down these long dominant Guatemalan traffickers by not only taking then out themselves but by also giving them up to the US. In the absence of the Mexican cartel move for hegemony in Guatemala the decent, respectable and upstanding citizens of Guatemala who are the apex of the Guatemalan drug trafficking pyramid would be today wielding power in the political, economic and civil spaces of Guatemala with impunity. What must be noted is the fact that the ex-president of Guatemala is presently making Federal jail in the US for money laundering a victim of snitching to evade Federal jail. The process has now accelerated in Honduras the murder capital of the world with the extradition to the US of Carlos Arnaldo Lobo. T&T soon it will be your time now. Enjoy the ride guys. Leave early, pay top dollars to change your face and head for Russia.



Don Nico

A photo of Don Nico precedes this post. A public version of the beaching of the ship for public consumption has long been released but let’s look at an alternate reality. Ships built as the Don Nico are the bread and butter of the trafficking of illicit drugs from the Latin American mainland to the Caribbean island chain. They are either used to make deliveries to countries or to meet another form of transport on the high seas and transfer the cargo. A ship as designed as Don Nico will at minimum be loaded with 5 metric tonnes of cocaine or 5,000 kilos bricks packed in bales ranging from 23 to 27 kilos per bale. Ships as this don’t deal in petty loads as 25 kilos etc this is a big time vessel. The Mexican cartels whenever they make a run into a trafficking zone they simply discard the ship or aeroplane used to move the product. The possibility exists that soon the spaces of T&T will be littered with discarded drug transports. The next reality is that metric tonnes of product moved into T&T means metric tonnes leaving via all and every avenue for export from mules and swallowers to containerised cargo to the commodity exports of the energy sector. A simple beached ship can in fact point to apocalypse.

Politics of race/politics of crime Part 2

It is now painfully obvious that the politics of race in T&T cannot respond to the complexity of transnational organised crime in T&T. The politics of race has T&T on the brink, staring over the precipice into the apocalypse of narco failed state status and the politicians cannot perceive this threat much less deal with it. All our institutions of national security are trapped in a time warp as they view the world via paradigms that cannot resonate with the reality on the ground and all they play is the sordid game of catch up with the bad boys. This morning it was three weeks since the assassination in Woodbrook and nothing has happened. The assassins are well trained to carry out the hit but then sit on their hands waiting to be caught in this jurisdiction. Yeah right. The salient question must be: where did this mind numbing paradigm of the politics of race come from? The answer lies in the decade of the 1950’s in the history of the British colony of T&T. From 1937 to the 1953 the de-classified files of the security apparatus of the colony of T&T reveal that the primary security threat was Tubal Uriah Butler and his Butler Party and trade union. The British exerted every covert and overt means to destroy the political potency of Butler. In 1953 a new threat appeared in the files, a threat that presented a clear and present danger to colonial interests in the colony. This was the creation and operation of a Hindu dominated political movement led by Bhadase Sagan Maraj with Simbhoonath Capildeo’s involvement. The British held the position that in an alliance with Butler the Hindu political movement can win the 1955 general elections and form the government. The British had then to shatter the alliance with Butler, shatter the Hindu political movement from within and of paramount importance to find a new political leader with the credibility to defeat the Hindu political movement, Butler and all those spurned and rejected by the British as Albert Gomes at the next general elections. The British then unleashed the discourse of the politics of race even before their political champion appeared on the scene. Butler and Bhadase fractured and cussed out each other. Butler got an all expenses paid trip to Britain and on his return cussed out Bhadase even more. Bhadase put up independents against his own party’s candidates which gave the PNM two seats and Butler shattered his party by putting up candidates rejected by the party’s executive which gave the PNM another seat. Dr Eric Williams formed the PNM in January 1956 and the general elections postponed in 1955 was called for September 1956 by the colonial overlord. In the period 1956-1961 Williams unleashed a new discourse of racist hegemony which was answered in kind by specific Indian politicians. The British insisted to Williams that the great prize of independence for T&T will only come with the emphatic political defeat of the Hindu political movement Williams then unleashed the discourse and specific Indian politicians in their versions of response took it to levels where images of Bosnia and Guyana were conjured up. The colonial overlord in the period gave us the electoral boundaries, the electoral system and the independence constitution all being designed to ensure the consignment of a minority to the wilderness of futile opposition politics. Out of the drive of the colonial massa to protect its geopolitical energy interests in T&T with the full complicity of the politicians of T&T we are now saddled with the politics of glaucoma which is useless when faced with transnational organised crime. To this day all the political gifts massa gave to us we still hold on to them for dear life, gifts that ensure our subservience and our failure as a nation.

The politics of race drives the politics of crime in T&T

Basdeo now repeatedly insists that the politics of race is the driving force of electoral politics of T&T but after interaction with politicians of T&T and the deconstruction of their public speeches I have learnt two realities: politicians in T&T utilise a discourse of racist hegemony which they believe will grant them the voter mobilisation and support needed not only to win general elections continuously but also to maintain support during their five year term of office. The discourse of racist hegemony insists that you vote for a particular political party to deny your enemy race control of the state. The state is then the prize that is your reward with electoral victory. You therefore ethnic cleanse the state whilst plundering it. In T&T as a result of the politics of racist hegemony a political worldview has developed where control of the state and its resources is an entitlement and the plunder of the state is a right. In this worldview there is no reason of state, no concept of the hegemonic state in fact there is no worship of the state and acceptance of the task of protecting the hegemony of the state against all challengers. The second reality I have learnt over the years is that politicians in T&T who view the world through the lenses of the politics of race cannot perceive the crime reality on the ground much less devise effective interventions. When they view the landscape of crime in T&T all they see are the race of the victims juxtaposed against the race of the perpetrators. The young African urban male in a three-quarter pants slung low down from the waist with a tank top is the perpetrator archetype and the victim is a decent, respectable and law abiding citizen and for political mobilisation purposes an Indian. One is the savage beast, predator, the ever present threat the other is the supreme victim whose duty it is to vote back into power the party that will protect the victim and liberate the victim from the threat of the savage beast as their fangs will be pulled out. The most recent discourse unleashed is that the present wave of crime in Central is the result of the migration of the threat from the urban areas to Central translated: the savage beast is now loose amongst us. But as usual the discourse cannot mesh with the reality on the ground hence the solutions applied will escalate the crime wave rather than shatter it. What of the Indians commencing in the 1960″ who began importing Colombian compressed ganja and mandrax through the swamps of Central and proceeded to sell these illicit products in the East /West corridor? Then came the cocaine, guns and ammunition which were then sold in the East/West corridor? What about all the mules and swallowers recruited from the East/West corridor who have made jail, still in jail and have died from transporting product supplied by the victim race? What about all the women transported through the swamps of central who are sex workers? What about those transported and offered for sale in Central? The politics of race refuses to see and cannot act on the criminal enterprises that that have grown and exploded in size and scale in Central since the 1960’s. Who is it who hired African foot soldiers from the East/west corridor to collect illicit debts by any means necessary for them thereby resulting in the footsoldiers going out on their own in an orgy of mayhem even grabbing their original benefactors? The crime families of Central! The great myth is that after Dole there was only decent and respectable people left Dole was the blot on the race. In 2014 there is a new order that is being put in place on the ground and it is Central turn now. This is the Mexican order as their affiliates on a daily basis erect the new order on the ground and their affiliates are not only from the urban areas of Trinidad, there are those from Central and those from areas external of T&T. Let the politicians fix this. I warned the powers that be of the arrival of the Mexican cartels in T&T long before I went public and I also warned of the crime wave that will sweep over the landscape south of the Caroni to the Guaracara river. The gravest tragedy of my life is to be trapped in T&T watching this long foreseen apocalypse wash over this land and I will not wrap a spliff, take two pull and pass out. That have to be Jamaica white ice which wholesales for at minimum USD6,000 per pound in Manhattan. For those interested in the discourse of racist hegemony see my book: “The politics of racist hegemony in T&T” available in e-book and dinosaur hard copy online etc.

Boko Haraam

The North Atlantic hand wringing on Boko Haraam is expected as is the political denial speak where the mantra now is that Boko Haraam is an affiliate of Al Qaeda but the central question is what is Al Qaeda today but a hollow brand invented by the West to serve some geopolitical agenda and the surveillance state of the 21st century. Al Qaeda today is a hollow brand for various reasons but one of the most potent assaults on the brand of Al Qaeda today is the rise to power in specific operational spaces of the Takfiri movement. Takfiris insist that they wage WAR on the munafiqun/munfique or hypocrite/hypocrites of Islam and the kufr/unbelievers external of Islam. Takfiris teach that in waging war all and every strategy necessary to victory must be utilised even though they breach the moral imperatives of Islam. Takfiris then suspend the moral imperatives of Islam that distinguish Islam from all other belief systems of the world in order to defeat the enemies of Islam both internal and external. Takfiris are then anarchists who believe that war is necessary to trigger the grand end time apocalypse where the earth and its fullness thereof will be the inheritance of Muslims who made war. The most powerful takfiri organisation in the field today is ISIS/ the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria and in every part of the world where there is war waged between Muslims and non-Muslims the takfiri presence and power is growing. The most potent lesson of takfiri assault is the Madrid train bombings of 2004 where the public face of the operation was a drug trafficker, wholesaler/retailer, ate pork, drank alcohol,never visited the Masjid and lived the thug life most noted for his leather outfits, motor cycles and the pinion riders. This was one of the individuals who blew himself up in the apartment when capture was imminent. Note carefully the Boston marathon bombing. The present incarnation of Boko Haraam is a takfiri defined organisation forget the Al Qaeda designation. Takfiris kill Al Qaeda operatives as we kill cockroaches whenever the takfiris are in a position of dominance as Boko Haraam certainly is in their operational space. Boko Haraam’s strategy is to provoke the great sectarian apocalypse of Nigeria setting fire to the tinderbox that already caught fire with the Biafran genocide. In this grand design the traditional ruling Muslim elite of Nigeria is the prime target of Boko Haraam as they are viewed as the munafique of the Nigerian ummah/ body of Islamic believers hence worthy of elimination by any means necessary. And the Ansaru organisation agrees with Boko Haraam on this. The traditional Muslim elite has already shown their willingness to pay the protection money, toe the line and hope they avoid the apocalypse. The fundamental question is where is the funding coming from that has resulted in a quantum jump in the military capacity of Boko Haraam. The answer is simple: the illicit drug trade through the Sahel, then the Sahara to North Africa then Italy. The Ngrangheta of Italy the most powerful player in the cocaine trade into Europe with its Mexican cartel allies set about the tack of creating a new route to move cocaine into Italy. The Ngrangheta wanted a route that by-passed the traditional European routes through Spain, the Netherlands etc. The Ndrangheta wanted a new direct route to Italy. The traditional smugglers of the Sahel and the Sahara of Africa were then roped into this new route eventually becoming the affiliates they are today. The main North African collection zone was Libya and with the removal of Gaddafi business is booming to such an extent that militias are locked in battles to dominate trafficking pipelines in Libya especially in the southern approaches to Libya. It is no coincidence that Boko Haraam controls the jump off points into the Sahel in northern Nigeria and this applies also to the Cameroon. The militias who control the jump off points to the Sahel from West Africa have then a grand alliance with reciprocal exchanges of resource both human and material. The illicit drug trade has resulted in the evolution of these Islamic movements in a manner that would not have happened in the absence of the illicit drug trade. The illicit drug trade in West Africa has been the nitrous oxide applied to the Islamic insurgency of West Africa resulting in the growing strength of the Takfiris on the ground. The Takfiris will eventually eliminate the Al Qaeda brand on the ground as they are doing in Syria and in its place the brand of amoral anarchy will be presented to the world. Yes I am Muslim.


Click the link above and learn that the Commander of US Southcom was in T&T on May 6, 2014. One must wonder what was the context of the discussion in light of the assassination of May 4, 2014.

There can be no understanding of the strategic plan of the Mexican cartels for the Caribbean Basin without an understanding of the primary position Brazil enjoys in these strategic plans. Whilst the North Atlantic and Europe are viewed as consuming markets for various illicit products Brazil is the perfect storm for the Mexican cartels. Brazil encompasses the potential to be a viable, expansive, retail market for illicit products whilst being a major trafficking point for placing product into Africa and Asia. Already in 2014 Brazil is the largest consumer of crack cocaine in the world surpassing the US. In Brazil today the retailing of illicit drugs has outgrown the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo and the old imagery of drug gangs exercising hegemony over favelas is dated imagery that does not reflect the reality on the ground as drug retail points are now common in areas external of the favelas. The reality is that cocaine produced in Peru and Bolivia are placed on the tributaries that feed into the Amazon river eventually flowing down the Amazon into Brazil. In the human settlements along this riverine highway all the signs of a potent and expansive illicit drug trade are legion including endemic illicit drug use and it is common to see drug paraphernalia strewn along the river banks. From Brazil the product is blended into the range of exports especially commodity exports from Brazil to the world. Using Brazil’s air transport links to Africa swallowers, mules and swallowers/mules move product from Brazil to South Africa, West Africa and East Africa. Flights of aircraft loaded with illicit drugs leave Brazil for Africa as do ships of various types and capacity. This pipeline from Brazil to Africa is connected to the pipeline to Asia. Brazil today is the fastest growing trafficking point from the Western Hemisphere to the world and the largest to Africa and Asia. Brazil is also the fastest growing illicit drug market today in the Western Hemisphere. This is the perfect storm created by the deliberate strategic actions of the Mexican cartels. Brazil is then the primary operational theatre of the Mexican cartels in the 21st century and in their pursuit of hegemony in Brazil the Mexican cartels are impacting CARICOM in another fundamental way by absorbing Guyana and Suriname into the Brazilian agenda. The hegemony of Mexican cartels over Guyana and Suriname is today fact, reality. When in Guyana four persons die as a result of drinking a tonic laced with dissolved cocaine what is more graphic than that as an indicator of the depth of drug trafficking that pervades the social order. The Mexican cartels are then erecting their order in Brazil and already the signs of this order is apparent but the reality is that the trafficking structures are in place and operationally ready for the big push. This big push will involve drug manufacturing sites situated in Brazil to feed the trafficking pipelines and provide high quality, cheaper product for the Brazilian retail markets. In this phase the order of gangland and ex-military affiliates with become openly apparent. This reality will all wash back on the Caribbean and Brazil will become a major destination for persons from the Caribbean on the move whilst the affiliates of the Mexican cartels from the Caribbean will operate Brazilian branches. Transnational Caribbean crime on a grand scale. A significant portion of illicit small arms will then originate from Brazil as it floods the Caribbean already this change in supply is apparent on the ground. Pax Mexicana.



Apocalypse Now!!!

Click on the link above and note the illicit trade in natural resources by a cartel that is the spawn of Los Zetas.

The most disturbing development today that has me in a state of involuntary release of waste liquid when my prostrate permits is the strategy of the Mexican cartels to establish offshore illicit drug manufacturing facilities on an industrial scale. Industrial scale facilities to produce methamphetmine have been repeatedly found in Guatemala and in response to this offshore manufacturing activity in Guatemala Belize has now been drawn into the supply network for precursor chemicals imported from Asia and the for the export of product as a result Belize is now experiencing a wave of gun violence that has no end. The Mexican cartels are now moving coca paste from the producing countries to offshore sites for the production of powdered cocaine already industrial scale plants have been repeatedly found in Venezuela especially in the states bordering Colombia such as Apure, Zulia and Baranas. This is the primary reason for the concerted and unceasing assault upon the state as the Mexican cartels and their Colombian affiliates as Los Urabenos moved to control these states since the era of Hugo Chavez. In the Dominican Republic industrial scale cocaine production facilities are also discovered which indicate that Mexican cartel drug production facilities are now operating in the Caribbean island chain. The Caribbean island chain can then expect cocaine and methamphetamine production facilities which have to be protected and the Mexican cartel policy on protection for their strategic interests is hegemony over the state by any means necessary. In the Caribbean states don’t have the resources and the political will to engage with the Mexican cartels towards resisting the move to coerce the state. Those countries that consume the products of the Mexican cartels will leave us in the lurch as they have always done. Faced with this threat the call for the end to prohibition and legalisation grows louder in the consuming nations but politicians in the Caribbean actually hold on to the delusion that to abandon the war on drugs invites the wrath of the hegemon to the North west but the hegemon has publicly indicated that faced with the threat of the hegemon from the West of the Caribbean basin we are on our own as they fixating on the threat from China. In the space created by political denial the Caribbean is now the playground of the Mexican cartels. In this scenario T&T is the plum to be picked. Remember methanol is a precursor for the manufacture of methamphetamine and meth/ice is the primary drug of choice of the Mexican cartels. Cocaine is third on the list after heroin. Pax Mexicana





The link listed above gives one interpretation of the assassination of the US consulate worker in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico click and learn.

The Mexican order that now dominates illicit drug trafficking in the Caribbean is now impacting the licit economy of T&T today right now. Under the Colombian order commencing in the decade of the 1990’s product was wholesaled to any and every buyer given a recommendation from a trusted source and persons who supplied goods and services to Colombian cartels both production and trafficking were paid with product. Because of these realities T&T developed the 6, 12 and 25 kilos traffickers who sourced their product from both markets. The Mexican cartels have now indicated that they don’t sell product to their competitors, they don’t pay with product for goods and services supplied and there is a strict rule that all suppliers of goods and services must be affiliates and they are franchise holders not workers. The 6, 12 and 25 kilos boys are now being squeezed out of the game with the cartel affiliates poised to fill the void. A whole layer of the licit economy that is rooted in this illicit economy is now up for grabs as man is scrambling looking for alternate supplies and the price is going up. The writing is on the wall because how can you put product into Europe and North America with the Mexican cartels holding the power to deny entry to these markets as they are gate keepers in alliance with transnational organised crime as the Ndrangheta. Some reading the writing on the wall are now hunting hard currency to create their escape abroad stash whilst others are dreaming dreams of resisting the inevitable. Need more armoured vehicles! The next stop in this migration up the T&T food chain is the locally resident trafficker that moves product by the metric tonne loads. These decent and respectable, upstanding citizens are already under pressure and between the Mexican cartels and FATCA the future is not as rosy as that of their days of glory under the Colombian order. But don’t worry we now need armoured vehicles to enter hot spots and soon to follow robocops will be deployed with drones flying the sky. This is the response of a government in deep panic over its re-election chances and it can only visualise militaristic interventions to deter incidents that they deem are negative impacts on re-election. They don’t deal with the organism that has invaded the social order they only deal with the supposed soft targets that are the symptoms of the invading organism. Just place enough plasters to win again but then what? State power is then a personal addiction.

A word of warning to the leadership of the PNM. Do not delude yourselves into believing that you will re-apply the Manning paradigm for tackling crime with success today in T&T. The Manning paradigm was informed by an approximation of T&T reality that was dated, passe already when it was formulated. It focused only on the small players and the gang players which left the invading organism intact. Most important that dated dinosaur paradigm cannot visualise the reality today of the order of the Mexican cartels. If the PNM wants to be relevant it has then to create a new paradigm rooted in the present realities on the ground in the Caribbean and T&T today, right now.





In an article titled “No takers for $ 3.5m reward offered for Dana’s killer” published in the Sunday Guardian of May 11, 2014 the Minister of National Security of T&T is reported as stating that there is no evidence that the assassination of May 4, 2014 was the “work of highly trained individuals”. The minister is reported as stating that the shooter used a small handgun at close range to effect the assassination and there was no Latin American gang killer, sniper or hired assassin. The minister is then insisting that the assassination was the product of home grown talent and that the modus operandi was in effect not a well planned, precision attack. The minister is well advised to grasp the political reality and insist that the assassination was the action of transnational organised crime and rally the nation around the present government in light of this most potent threat. Because after the dismantling of SAUTT and the covert civilian intelligence agencies they inherited, a state of emergency and the placing of a draconian anti-gang act on the statute book the minister has now admitted that under his government gangland T&T has explosively evolved to such an extent to plan and execute a person close to his government’s heart. His government has then by the minister’s admission not only failed to arrest crime since May 2010 but has through its actions acted as nitrous oxide on the internal combustion engine of crime in T&T.

No matter how much spin all the spin doctors attempt the visual facts point to an alternate reality that is being suppressed. Recordings of the victim’s vehicle reveal that the left rear/back window which is diagonally opposite to the front right driver’s window was shattered whilst the driver’s window had a single hole in it. The position of this single hole in the right driver’s window was not in line with a victim sitting strapped in to the driver’s seat it was in fact forward of the driver. It was stated in public that the victim received two head shots which leaves one to logically posit that all shots came at a diagonal angle to enable the shooter to have a broader shooting profile of the victim than a side on profile of a victim strapped to a SUV driver’s seat hence the shattering of the left rear back seat window. To place a pattern of shots through a single hole in a driver’s window with a small hand gun with two head shots in this pattern is NOT the work of a street trained gang banger. That is the work of a military trained sniper. If the minister is now telling T&T that such talent is now found in gangland T&T after a state of emergency and the anti-gang act then the issue is not the signal failure of his government to deal with crime in T&T but where is this talent coming from because talent as this does not fall from the sky. Is it from the Mexican cartels?