Lessons to be learned

On January 16, 2014 WTKR reported that 732 pounds of powdered cocaine/cocaine hydrochloride were interdicted in a cargo container that arrived from Trinidad and Tobago/T&T on December 20, 2103 at the port of Norfolk, Virginia, USA. The WTKR report indicated that the container was flagged in T&T and subsequently searched at Norfolk to determine what contraband was inside. See:


On April 29, 2014 trinidadexpress.com reported that the country attache of the DEA to T&T indicated in a public forum that the shipment of cocaine from T&T interdicted in Norfolk originated in Europe. See


On April 7, 2014 the NY Post reported that a passenger on a flight from T&T to JFK International airport, New York, USA was interdicted by CBP officers with 3 kilo bricks of cocaine concealed in three cylindrical packages of frozen cooked goat meat definitely not with slight pepper.


On April 15, 2014 the NY Daily News reported that a passenger on a flight from T&T to JFK International airport, New York, USA was interdicted with nearly two pounds of blacktar heroin in his crutch. Now that is literally a crutch of gold given the value of blacktar heroin on the New York drug markets.




The lessons from these events are as follows:

The ports and airports of T&T are wide open sepulchres where anything and anyone can enter and exit T&T. Two individuals exited the airports of T&T with cocaine in frozen goat and heroin in the crutch undetected. Cocaine in juice cans bearing the trademark of a product manufactured in T&T entered T&T as containerised cargo, cleared from the T&T port of entry and then left T&T via a port for Norfolk, USA undetected. Rum manufactured in T&T can then be imported into T&T with cocaine dissolved in the rum enter T&T, cleared and then re-exported. If this reality does not set off all alarm bells then this is la la land. Much more importantly is that cocaine moved from Europe to T&T for final entry in the US can only exist with the involvement of Italian organised crime especially the Ndrangheta. The Ndrangheta are operationally present in Venezuela and the Dominican Republic and one can now add T&T to the list. This is then clearly a Mexican cartel/Ndgrangheta joint operation. T&T in the big league now. This illicit pipeline now with flows out of and into the Caribbean is the basis for the flow of Afghan heroin from Europe and West Africa through the Caribbean for markets in the Western hemisphere. Afghan heroin rules the market with its high quality and competitive pricing. The quality is so high the user can smoke it. The Mexican cartels will not let the business opportunity that Afghan heroin affords given the surge in heroin use presently in the US. The cocaine in juice, the kilos in frozen goat meat and the heroin in the crutch all point to the fact that T&T has now been switched on as a trafficking point with complex trafficking routes now utilising T&T as a transfer point. As a result the social order of T&T will change to reflect this dynamic. The first sign of the new dynamic on the ground will be a new order in gangland. Pax Mexicana. You sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.





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