American hizzy fits

There are those who say my books on the illicit drug trade in the Caribbean are the products of a lunatic at best because what I purport to describe don’t exist, others say that my works are fakes, of no academic merit as all they be are scandal rags of race hate, lies, half-truths and innuendos and as a result I will be expunged from my job at UWI shortly. For the minds of the upcoming generation must be protected from this vile discourse that I preach. But to attempt to silence me does not deal with the reality on the ground so when your home is invaded, when you are car jacked, when you hear the crack of the gunshots the attempt to silence me will have changed nothing not the availability and price of an illicit gun and the ammunition that feeds the organ of death.

Now back to the reality. At the top of the post is a video link to a joint meeting of two sub-committees of the US House of Representatives held on April 29, 2014 which dealt with US anti drug trafficking operations in the Caribbean Basin and the Pacific. When you claw past the political denialspeak of US politicians and the militarybureaucratese of the US Coast Guard Commandant and the Commander of US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) you experience the hizzy fits the US military establishment are throwing in the face of budget cuts with the resultant depletion of military assets to throw at a Mexican cartel tsunami of trafficking that is swamping the Caribbean Basin on its way to the US. It is stated in the meeting that in 2013 16% of the illicit product destined for the US transited the Caribbean which explains the emphasis placed on the Caribbean Basin by the joint committees meeting. It was stated that presently 20% of the illicit drugs being moved to the US are interdicted and with budget cuts and reduction of military assets this level of interdiction is up in the air. To begin with 20% is a generous figure. But that is for a later post. What is noteworthy is that no one speaking in the meeting used the MC words, they simply do not say Mexican cartels they say transnational criminal organisations (TCOs) denial at its best. They speak openly of the vast power that these TCOs wield in the Caribbean basin, they speak of the fear of the TCOs and the endemic corruption that have corrupted the Policing agencies and the Judiciary of specific states of the Caribbean Basin and they speak of Honduras being the murder capital of the world but don’t say the MC words. It looks like a cat , walks like a cat, sounds like a cat but don’t ever never say in public that it is a cat: political denialspeak. Commander Kelly of Southcom charged with defending the southern approaches to the US raised the gravest alarm. Kelly stated that the underfunded and depleted military assets of Southcom are now concentrated on interdiction in Central America leaving the Caribbean island chain wide open and outside of the operational interest of the US and its global allies. The reality is that the states that make up the Caribbean island chain for the most part do not have the capacity to protect their borders much less to patrol and interdict in international waters and the one country with the means to do so is naked and unconcerned i.e. T&T. It is obvious from the revelations made in Kelly’s conversation that the Mexican Cartels have long responded to the military weakness of the US in the Caribbean basin. Kelly states that the US strategy is to interdict bulk shipments of cocaine especially on the sea as it is moved from Latin America to Central America and Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The Mexican cartels have not only switched to using containerised cargo but much more importantly they are now moving coca paste to offshore labs in Central America and the Caribbean where powdered cocaine is manufactured. Kelly admits that Haiti is now a prime trafficking point with drug flights leaving Western Venezuela and flying up the Eastern Caribbean island chain then to Haiti. What Kelly does not talk about are the drop off points in the Eastern Caribbean island chain on the way to Haiti. Wonder where the fuel comes from? I have news for Kelly the Caribbean island chain is long gone.

When I started writing and talking in 1998 the official discourse of the US political elites and the US bureaucrats and mine were sharply at odds whereas today both discourses now agree on the common potent threat, the nature of that threat and the intractable nature of neutralising this visualised threat. To those who say I am mad and my drug books are the figment of my imagination then view and listen to the video and feel the panic brought about by the hegemony of the Mexican cartels over the Caribbean Basin today within the military elite of the US who deal with this threat on a daily basis. To dismiss my discourse on the illicit drug trade in the Caribbean Basin to attempt to falsify it is to also attempt to do the same to US Federal discourse but what is your alternative proposed? What it doesn’t exist? Pax Mexicana

The links above indicate the manner in which The Bahamas has responded to the very said threat we all face.


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