A Message to the ruling elites of T&T

The primary issue of the assassination of Dana Seetahal on May 4, 2014 is not WHY but the lesson in the HOW/the manner in which the execution was carried out. The HOW has distinctive marks that point to a possible/probable perpetrator. The elected and non-elected  politicians of the state and media have already engaged maximum spin by focusing on the WHY whilst the answer lies in the HOW because to focus on the HOW reveals conclusions that persons in chronic denial from the state apparatuses don’t want the voting public infected with. This is the second operation in T&T with the hallmark of military precision and discipline in its execution. the first was the attack on the cash transit vehicle on the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway in which the security guard was killed by a firearm using 5.56 mm ammunition. The Churchill-Roosevelt Highway operation was executed with military precision,discipline and planned execution clearly based on detailed intelligence and surveillance and the creativity to formulate and execute a plan for the specific conditions.To-date another cold case. On May 4, 2014 Dana Seetahal was assassinated on Hamilton Holder St, Woodbrook, Port of Spain in an operation that indicated military precision, discipline, creative planning and boldly effective execution. What must be understood is the level of surveillance of the target that was necessary to underpin this successful operation which means the surveillers blended into the environments frequented by the target. The actual hit was executed using the “L” blocking and engagement formation where the target is in a motor vehicle that is in motion along a roadway. What is noteworthy is the use of a panel van with the shooters in the cargo area where the cargo door is swung open and the target showered with lead. The shooters left their brass/spent shells on the ground of the crime scene which indicates what they think of our forensic capacity remember we have no national DNA database all we have is political gum bumping. The “L” blocking/engagement formation is commonly taught to elite units of the Western military for engagement with terrorists.

The Seetahal assassination comes straight out of the Nuevo Laredo and Juarez, Mexico playbooks of the Mexican cartels as the method deployed is usually reserved for members of the state apparatuses and the media and recently a member of a US Consulate in Mexico was killed using the very same method. The mother and father in the front seats of the SUV were shot dead and the baby was left alive on the back seat. The method sends a message to the ruling elites that their hegemony is now openly challenged and a new Mexican Cartel hegemonic order will now be put in place with or without the complicity of the ruling elites. This method of sending a message to the ruling elites is now commonly used in Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic. The managers of security and the leading sicarios of the Mexican cartels are all drawn from not only the Mexican military but any other military of the world. The cartels have the military expertise and the best weaponry available to carry out their operations. What they are doing now is training their gangland affiliates instilling into them military discipline, operational integrity and arming them then unleashing them on the social order chosen as is the case of El Salvador. On the auspicious occasion of El Cinco Mayo 2014 the message was sent but I don’t expect the politicians to heed the message for denial is their world to our detriment. I have repeatedly offered my expertise to this government with no reply and now in my old days I am faced with vagrancy as my expulsion from UWI is imminent. Since I am now looking for work I must seriously consider becoming the T&T version of a narco corrido because everybody say forget morals, forget submission to Allah SWT just eat ah food so I must sing for the winning side and all odds are in favour of the Mexican cartels in T&T.


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