Spin it until it is gooblygook



The two links posted above hold crucial lessons for the event of May 4, 2014 which I will refer to shortly. As expected the persons who are responsible for the daily management of the national security apparatuses of T&T as politicians who never offered themselves to the electorate are now in damage control and in conjunction with the non-elected politicians of the media are attempting to turn the reality of the assassination into gobblygook thereby facilitating the impunity of the shotcaller. The initial reports spoke of 5.62 spent shells on the ground of the crime scene there is nothing like 5.62 so it was changed to 5.56 and it was reported that a crime scene investigator/s said this. Now today they are saying that there was no automatic/semi-automatic assault rifle used in the hit as the autopsy indicates a handgun was used. What you are now telling the public is that our crime scene investigators are so incompetent that they cannot tell the difference between a 9 mm spent shell from a 5.56mm assault rifle spent shell or they were deliberately lying to the media or the media is lying to its readers. The citizen as myself is left then to speculate that if the spent shells do not support the talk of a handgun as the kill weapon will this evidence simply disappear? But  I have a question if it was not an assault rifle used then explain the size of the entry point made in the driver’ side window glass of the VW SUV? A 9mm simply cannot make entry point holes as the hole made. Then as long as there were bullet exit points on the left side of the SUV the only handgun can do that are high calibre handguns as a 50 calibre or  one firing premium magnum rounds and since there was brass on the ground it had to be semi-automatic/automatic. The lesson in this is that the powers that be in the national security apparatus is willing to de-legitimise the apparatus for their own agendas, then they call upon us to trust them and drop a dime on the criminals but in T&T we the citizenry have a serious problem with discerning the criminal from the so-called good guy. Then the media tells us that the shot caller is presently incarcerated and call the shot from jail to gang members who then plan, master the logistics and put down the hit. The media is then telling us that there is a pool of gangbangers in T&T who possess the necessary military training, discipline,expertise, operational planning and resources to plan and execute this hit. With this pool of talent and resources which eclipses what the maximum leaders of T&T gangland now deceased ever possessed they are supposed to be ruling all of T&T gangland much less be surrounded by a mass of informers who are signing as semps, picoplats and canaries all in one. When you possess the resources they are reputed to have operational silence is enforced with graphic violence. Things not adding up one smells a story being spun to create a neat resolution to the current problem. Then you are a shotcaller able to put down a hit on a functionary of the court what is the profit in that for you because you in jail, locked up. In what life does a rational street criminal behind bars send geopolitical power messages? When you are locked up you need files to disappear and witnesses to fail to testify by any means necessary. Did the target hold the files and /or was a witness for the prosecution? Again the spin story spinning kilkaytay as the top nail bend it not straight. I am reminded of what transpired in the case of those charged for the murder of Stollmeyer. The links listed point to stories on Caribbean politicians who were assassinated in the 21st century one in Curacao and the other in Guyana. Note the modus operandi of both killings and how they were vastly different from that of May 4, 2014. Wiels of Curacao was killed gangland style as he was on a beach in Curacao where you go to buy fresh fish. They simply walked up on him and shot him down. Sawh of Guyana was at home with his wife and family and his siblings were visiting from abroad. The hit men simply through a home invasion using AK 47s shot the security guard and the guard dog dead and then moved to slaughter Sawh and some of his siblings leaving his wife and child alive to tell the tale. The case is now cold and his wife and child fled Guyana for fear of their safety. Why then the modus operandi of May 4, 2014 for a soft target and now you want to convince the electorate that gangbangers put down this high quality work. If this so then I lining up by Marli St and begging for refugee asylum. or I will apply to the Canadian High Commission to pick apples or work in McDonalds and talk philosophy to the apple trees and the deep fat fryer. We in T&T have definitely risen.


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