The Mexican Order

The strategic plan of the Mexican cartels calls for the creation of a multi-product trafficking operation through T&T with products trafficked from T&T to multiple destinations utilising a range of trafficking methods. In addition the retail illicit markets in T&T must expand not only with a range of products never mass marketed before in T&T as smokable heroin and methamphetamine but areas that were bypassed before as illicit drug retail points must now be flooded with product. The flood of illicit products via retail points has already started south of the Caroni river. To erect and maintain this illicit structure the cartels target recruiting affiliates from gangland and members of the military. These affiliates are granted franchises thereby gaining a stake in the daily operations of the cartels’ operations in T&T ensuring commitment, dedication and job satisfaction bolstered by wealth never conceptualised before to this extent now realised. Motivated affiliates as these protect their cartel’s interests with extreme prejudice which enhances the cartel’s most potent instrument: fear. What must be understood is the reality in the Caribbean basin as is in the rest of the world outside of Mexico where two or more cartels operate in a single state without conflict/war for dominance. In the Caribbean island chain Los Zetas and the Sinaloa Federation share space jointly and in peace and in T&T Los Zetas arrived before Sinaloa. The next operational plank of the Mexican order is that local illicit drug traffickers resident on the twin islands of T&T at the right time when capacity to effect this is in place will be eliminated by any means necessary even by giving them up to the US Federal government. The indigenous, resident drug traffickers are viewed as a clear and present danger to the Mexican order. These local traffickers even though they initially bring the Mexican cartels to their Caribbean state of their residence they never are absorbed into the Mexican order therefore they are outside of Mexican discipline and are threats to the order as they can give up Mexican operatives to the US and much worse to make war on the Mexican order as happened in Guatemala. A threat constituted as this has then to be neutralised by any means necessary. What then is the use in buying helicopters and drones when you have no assets to put in the sea? The Commander of US Southcom and the Commandant of the US Coast Guard have insisted that drones and helicopters are of no use without ships in the sea. The Commander of Southcom indicated that Southcom has no drones. Unless the helicopters are for land use and other things. How does the government intend to respond to the present reality that Mexican cartels are now moving their product via shipping containers? What we need in T&T like yesterday is the restructuring and redefinition of state institutions tasked with national security. What has to be put in place is in a Border Protection Agency comprising Customs & Excise and Immigration and within this agency there must be a combined Customs preventative and Immigration enforcement arm which is the military arm of the Border Protection Agency. Gum bumping cannot wrestle with the Mexican cartels as they eat us up as hot tamales from Ciudad Juarez and all we have at present is gum bumping. Time for me to go, to say ah gone. Since 1998 I start this journey with no profit for me, none at all in my old days I watching vagrancy squarely in its face. The politicians went about their merry way doing nothing to protect us and now I am condemned to live with the Mexican cartels nah that is too much I going and pick apples in Canada.


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