The illicit economy of the Mexican order

Readers should click on the link listed above and experience a US Department of Justice public statement on the persons that hire out their services to drug trafficking organisations and reflect on the assassination of last weekend.

What then is the nature of the illicit economy the Mexican cartels are in the process of erecting in T&T? One must understand that this illicit economy is no way dependant on illicit drug trafficking as Mexican cartels especially Los Zetas have indicated over the years their multi-tasking abilities. Extortion,kidnapping, human smuggling/trafficking, smuggling counterfeit goods including pharmaceuticals, the production and distribution of counterfeit currency and most importantly for T&T the trafficking of illicit cargoes of natural resources and by-products such as crude oil and its refined by-products. One must note the explosion of human smuggling inter and intra the Caribbean with the hegemony of the Mexican cartels over the Caribbean basin. Persons from all over the world are being moved into the Caribbean for final entry to the US, Canada and the EU. Haitians are being moved from Haiti to Brazil a move created by the Mexican cartels. This illicit movement of people in the Caribbean has created an epidemiological nightmare in the Caribbean as communicable diseases are spreading rapidly along the human smuggling pipelines. T&T is then the beacon that shines over the Caribbean island chain beckoning and welcoming given the collapsed and near extinct condition state agencies are presently in. the Los Zetas transnational crime organisation is known as the “Sparta” of transnational organised crime that is the reality we must live with on a daily basis as denial is not cutting it. As gangland T&T explodes in power on the streets linked to the wealth, the arms, the military training, the disciplined order derived from being Mexican cartel affiliates the military is in turmoil as select members become Mexican cartel affiliates and the war for control of the military rages on whilst the police are not left out of the equation. In this scenario extortion and kidnapping becomes par for the course and the financial sector is next on the hit list. The plums to be picked are cargoes of hydrocarbons produced in T&T for export that end up in the hands of and sold by the Mexican cartels on the world markets. What goes on in the Niger Delta of Nigeria, with Pemex in Mexico and in Venezuela points to the fact that this is not Hollywood talk. God is not a Trini and it’s T&t time now. Any government of T&T who labours under the delusion that you can withdraw T&T from the reality that surrounds us and not spend state resources on creating a national security apparatus fit and able to deal with the threats to the security of the T&T state and furthermore to dismantle what existed before and erect nothing in its place is playing Russian roulette with our safety and security with five rounds loaded in a six chambered revolver. This is why I must now leave this asylum passing as a modern state because the message is now clear that they are sending me that is vagrancy for me but those sending the message must understand that a much more potent message is being sent to them. Spartans! Pax Mexicana



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