In an article titled “No takers for $ 3.5m reward offered for Dana’s killer” published in the Sunday Guardian of May 11, 2014 the Minister of National Security of T&T is reported as stating that there is no evidence that the assassination of May 4, 2014 was the “work of highly trained individuals”. The minister is reported as stating that the shooter used a small handgun at close range to effect the assassination and there was no Latin American gang killer, sniper or hired assassin. The minister is then insisting that the assassination was the product of home grown talent and that the modus operandi was in effect not a well planned, precision attack. The minister is well advised to grasp the political reality and insist that the assassination was the action of transnational organised crime and rally the nation around the present government in light of this most potent threat. Because after the dismantling of SAUTT and the covert civilian intelligence agencies they inherited, a state of emergency and the placing of a draconian anti-gang act on the statute book the minister has now admitted that under his government gangland T&T has explosively evolved to such an extent to plan and execute a person close to his government’s heart. His government has then by the minister’s admission not only failed to arrest crime since May 2010 but has through its actions acted as nitrous oxide on the internal combustion engine of crime in T&T.

No matter how much spin all the spin doctors attempt the visual facts point to an alternate reality that is being suppressed. Recordings of the victim’s vehicle reveal that the left rear/back window which is diagonally opposite to the front right driver’s window was shattered whilst the driver’s window had a single hole in it. The position of this single hole in the right driver’s window was not in line with a victim sitting strapped in to the driver’s seat it was in fact forward of the driver. It was stated in public that the victim received two head shots which leaves one to logically posit that all shots came at a diagonal angle to enable the shooter to have a broader shooting profile of the victim than a side on profile of a victim strapped to a SUV driver’s seat hence the shattering of the left rear back seat window. To place a pattern of shots through a single hole in a driver’s window with a small hand gun with two head shots in this pattern is NOT the work of a street trained gang banger. That is the work of a military trained sniper. If the minister is now telling T&T that such talent is now found in gangland T&T after a state of emergency and the anti-gang act then the issue is not the signal failure of his government to deal with crime in T&T but where is this talent coming from because talent as this does not fall from the sky. Is it from the Mexican cartels?


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