The link listed above gives one interpretation of the assassination of the US consulate worker in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico click and learn.

The Mexican order that now dominates illicit drug trafficking in the Caribbean is now impacting the licit economy of T&T today right now. Under the Colombian order commencing in the decade of the 1990’s product was wholesaled to any and every buyer given a recommendation from a trusted source and persons who supplied goods and services to Colombian cartels both production and trafficking were paid with product. Because of these realities T&T developed the 6, 12 and 25 kilos traffickers who sourced their product from both markets. The Mexican cartels have now indicated that they don’t sell product to their competitors, they don’t pay with product for goods and services supplied and there is a strict rule that all suppliers of goods and services must be affiliates and they are franchise holders not workers. The 6, 12 and 25 kilos boys are now being squeezed out of the game with the cartel affiliates poised to fill the void. A whole layer of the licit economy that is rooted in this illicit economy is now up for grabs as man is scrambling looking for alternate supplies and the price is going up. The writing is on the wall because how can you put product into Europe and North America with the Mexican cartels holding the power to deny entry to these markets as they are gate keepers in alliance with transnational organised crime as the Ndrangheta. Some reading the writing on the wall are now hunting hard currency to create their escape abroad stash whilst others are dreaming dreams of resisting the inevitable. Need more armoured vehicles! The next stop in this migration up the T&T food chain is the locally resident trafficker that moves product by the metric tonne loads. These decent and respectable, upstanding citizens are already under pressure and between the Mexican cartels and FATCA the future is not as rosy as that of their days of glory under the Colombian order. But don’t worry we now need armoured vehicles to enter hot spots and soon to follow robocops will be deployed with drones flying the sky. This is the response of a government in deep panic over its re-election chances and it can only visualise militaristic interventions to deter incidents that they deem are negative impacts on re-election. They don’t deal with the organism that has invaded the social order they only deal with the supposed soft targets that are the symptoms of the invading organism. Just place enough plasters to win again but then what? State power is then a personal addiction.

A word of warning to the leadership of the PNM. Do not delude yourselves into believing that you will re-apply the Manning paradigm for tackling crime with success today in T&T. The Manning paradigm was informed by an approximation of T&T reality that was dated, passe already when it was formulated. It focused only on the small players and the gang players which left the invading organism intact. Most important that dated dinosaur paradigm cannot visualise the reality today of the order of the Mexican cartels. If the PNM wants to be relevant it has then to create a new paradigm rooted in the present realities on the ground in the Caribbean and T&T today, right now.





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