Apocalypse Now!!!


Click on the link above and note the illicit trade in natural resources by a cartel that is the spawn of Los Zetas.

The most disturbing development today that has me in a state of involuntary release of waste liquid when my prostrate permits is the strategy of the Mexican cartels to establish offshore illicit drug manufacturing facilities on an industrial scale. Industrial scale facilities to produce methamphetmine have been repeatedly found in Guatemala and in response to this offshore manufacturing activity in Guatemala Belize has now been drawn into the supply network for precursor chemicals imported from Asia and the for the export of product as a result Belize is now experiencing a wave of gun violence that has no end. The Mexican cartels are now moving coca paste from the producing countries to offshore sites for the production of powdered cocaine already industrial scale plants have been repeatedly found in Venezuela especially in the states bordering Colombia such as Apure, Zulia and Baranas. This is the primary reason for the concerted and unceasing assault upon the state as the Mexican cartels and their Colombian affiliates as Los Urabenos moved to control these states since the era of Hugo Chavez. In the Dominican Republic industrial scale cocaine production facilities are also discovered which indicate that Mexican cartel drug production facilities are now operating in the Caribbean island chain. The Caribbean island chain can then expect cocaine and methamphetamine production facilities which have to be protected and the Mexican cartel policy on protection for their strategic interests is hegemony over the state by any means necessary. In the Caribbean states don’t have the resources and the political will to engage with the Mexican cartels towards resisting the move to coerce the state. Those countries that consume the products of the Mexican cartels will leave us in the lurch as they have always done. Faced with this threat the call for the end to prohibition and legalisation grows louder in the consuming nations but politicians in the Caribbean actually hold on to the delusion that to abandon the war on drugs invites the wrath of the hegemon to the North west but the hegemon has publicly indicated that faced with the threat of the hegemon from the West of the Caribbean basin we are on our own as they fixating on the threat from China. In the space created by political denial the Caribbean is now the playground of the Mexican cartels. In this scenario T&T is the plum to be picked. Remember methanol is a precursor for the manufacture of methamphetamine and meth/ice is the primary drug of choice of the Mexican cartels. Cocaine is third on the list after heroin. Pax Mexicana




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