Click the link above and learn that the Commander of US Southcom was in T&T on May 6, 2014. One must wonder what was the context of the discussion in light of the assassination of May 4, 2014.

There can be no understanding of the strategic plan of the Mexican cartels for the Caribbean Basin without an understanding of the primary position Brazil enjoys in these strategic plans. Whilst the North Atlantic and Europe are viewed as consuming markets for various illicit products Brazil is the perfect storm for the Mexican cartels. Brazil encompasses the potential to be a viable, expansive, retail market for illicit products whilst being a major trafficking point for placing product into Africa and Asia. Already in 2014 Brazil is the largest consumer of crack cocaine in the world surpassing the US. In Brazil today the retailing of illicit drugs has outgrown the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo and the old imagery of drug gangs exercising hegemony over favelas is dated imagery that does not reflect the reality on the ground as drug retail points are now common in areas external of the favelas. The reality is that cocaine produced in Peru and Bolivia are placed on the tributaries that feed into the Amazon river eventually flowing down the Amazon into Brazil. In the human settlements along this riverine highway all the signs of a potent and expansive illicit drug trade are legion including endemic illicit drug use and it is common to see drug paraphernalia strewn along the river banks. From Brazil the product is blended into the range of exports especially commodity exports from Brazil to the world. Using Brazil’s air transport links to Africa swallowers, mules and swallowers/mules move product from Brazil to South Africa, West Africa and East Africa. Flights of aircraft loaded with illicit drugs leave Brazil for Africa as do ships of various types and capacity. This pipeline from Brazil to Africa is connected to the pipeline to Asia. Brazil today is the fastest growing trafficking point from the Western Hemisphere to the world and the largest to Africa and Asia. Brazil is also the fastest growing illicit drug market today in the Western Hemisphere. This is the perfect storm created by the deliberate strategic actions of the Mexican cartels. Brazil is then the primary operational theatre of the Mexican cartels in the 21st century and in their pursuit of hegemony in Brazil the Mexican cartels are impacting CARICOM in another fundamental way by absorbing Guyana and Suriname into the Brazilian agenda. The hegemony of Mexican cartels over Guyana and Suriname is today fact, reality. When in Guyana four persons die as a result of drinking a tonic laced with dissolved cocaine what is more graphic than that as an indicator of the depth of drug trafficking that pervades the social order. The Mexican cartels are then erecting their order in Brazil and already the signs of this order is apparent but the reality is that the trafficking structures are in place and operationally ready for the big push. This big push will involve drug manufacturing sites situated in Brazil to feed the trafficking pipelines and provide high quality, cheaper product for the Brazilian retail markets. In this phase the order of gangland and ex-military affiliates with become openly apparent. This reality will all wash back on the Caribbean and Brazil will become a major destination for persons from the Caribbean on the move whilst the affiliates of the Mexican cartels from the Caribbean will operate Brazilian branches. Transnational Caribbean crime on a grand scale. A significant portion of illicit small arms will then originate from Brazil as it floods the Caribbean already this change in supply is apparent on the ground. Pax Mexicana.



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