Boko Haraam

The North Atlantic hand wringing on Boko Haraam is expected as is the political denial speak where the mantra now is that Boko Haraam is an affiliate of Al Qaeda but the central question is what is Al Qaeda today but a hollow brand invented by the West to serve some geopolitical agenda and the surveillance state of the 21st century. Al Qaeda today is a hollow brand for various reasons but one of the most potent assaults on the brand of Al Qaeda today is the rise to power in specific operational spaces of the Takfiri movement. Takfiris insist that they wage WAR on the munafiqun/munfique or hypocrite/hypocrites of Islam and the kufr/unbelievers external of Islam. Takfiris teach that in waging war all and every strategy necessary to victory must be utilised even though they breach the moral imperatives of Islam. Takfiris then suspend the moral imperatives of Islam that distinguish Islam from all other belief systems of the world in order to defeat the enemies of Islam both internal and external. Takfiris are then anarchists who believe that war is necessary to trigger the grand end time apocalypse where the earth and its fullness thereof will be the inheritance of Muslims who made war. The most powerful takfiri organisation in the field today is ISIS/ the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria and in every part of the world where there is war waged between Muslims and non-Muslims the takfiri presence and power is growing. The most potent lesson of takfiri assault is the Madrid train bombings of 2004 where the public face of the operation was a drug trafficker, wholesaler/retailer, ate pork, drank alcohol,never visited the Masjid and lived the thug life most noted for his leather outfits, motor cycles and the pinion riders. This was one of the individuals who blew himself up in the apartment when capture was imminent. Note carefully the Boston marathon bombing. The present incarnation of Boko Haraam is a takfiri defined organisation forget the Al Qaeda designation. Takfiris kill Al Qaeda operatives as we kill cockroaches whenever the takfiris are in a position of dominance as Boko Haraam certainly is in their operational space. Boko Haraam’s strategy is to provoke the great sectarian apocalypse of Nigeria setting fire to the tinderbox that already caught fire with the Biafran genocide. In this grand design the traditional ruling Muslim elite of Nigeria is the prime target of Boko Haraam as they are viewed as the munafique of the Nigerian ummah/ body of Islamic believers hence worthy of elimination by any means necessary. And the Ansaru organisation agrees with Boko Haraam on this. The traditional Muslim elite has already shown their willingness to pay the protection money, toe the line and hope they avoid the apocalypse. The fundamental question is where is the funding coming from that has resulted in a quantum jump in the military capacity of Boko Haraam. The answer is simple: the illicit drug trade through the Sahel, then the Sahara to North Africa then Italy. The Ngrangheta of Italy the most powerful player in the cocaine trade into Europe with its Mexican cartel allies set about the tack of creating a new route to move cocaine into Italy. The Ngrangheta wanted a route that by-passed the traditional European routes through Spain, the Netherlands etc. The Ndrangheta wanted a new direct route to Italy. The traditional smugglers of the Sahel and the Sahara of Africa were then roped into this new route eventually becoming the affiliates they are today. The main North African collection zone was Libya and with the removal of Gaddafi business is booming to such an extent that militias are locked in battles to dominate trafficking pipelines in Libya especially in the southern approaches to Libya. It is no coincidence that Boko Haraam controls the jump off points into the Sahel in northern Nigeria and this applies also to the Cameroon. The militias who control the jump off points to the Sahel from West Africa have then a grand alliance with reciprocal exchanges of resource both human and material. The illicit drug trade has resulted in the evolution of these Islamic movements in a manner that would not have happened in the absence of the illicit drug trade. The illicit drug trade in West Africa has been the nitrous oxide applied to the Islamic insurgency of West Africa resulting in the growing strength of the Takfiris on the ground. The Takfiris will eventually eliminate the Al Qaeda brand on the ground as they are doing in Syria and in its place the brand of amoral anarchy will be presented to the world. Yes I am Muslim.

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