The politics of race drives the politics of crime in T&T

Basdeo now repeatedly insists that the politics of race is the driving force of electoral politics of T&T but after interaction with politicians of T&T and the deconstruction of their public speeches I have learnt two realities: politicians in T&T utilise a discourse of racist hegemony which they believe will grant them the voter mobilisation and support needed not only to win general elections continuously but also to maintain support during their five year term of office. The discourse of racist hegemony insists that you vote for a particular political party to deny your enemy race control of the state. The state is then the prize that is your reward with electoral victory. You therefore ethnic cleanse the state whilst plundering it. In T&T as a result of the politics of racist hegemony a political worldview has developed where control of the state and its resources is an entitlement and the plunder of the state is a right. In this worldview there is no reason of state, no concept of the hegemonic state in fact there is no worship of the state and acceptance of the task of protecting the hegemony of the state against all challengers. The second reality I have learnt over the years is that politicians in T&T who view the world through the lenses of the politics of race cannot perceive the crime reality on the ground much less devise effective interventions. When they view the landscape of crime in T&T all they see are the race of the victims juxtaposed against the race of the perpetrators. The young African urban male in a three-quarter pants slung low down from the waist with a tank top is the perpetrator archetype and the victim is a decent, respectable and law abiding citizen and for political mobilisation purposes an Indian. One is the savage beast, predator, the ever present threat the other is the supreme victim whose duty it is to vote back into power the party that will protect the victim and liberate the victim from the threat of the savage beast as their fangs will be pulled out. The most recent discourse unleashed is that the present wave of crime in Central is the result of the migration of the threat from the urban areas to Central translated: the savage beast is now loose amongst us. But as usual the discourse cannot mesh with the reality on the ground hence the solutions applied will escalate the crime wave rather than shatter it. What of the Indians commencing in the 1960″ who began importing Colombian compressed ganja and mandrax through the swamps of Central and proceeded to sell these illicit products in the East /West corridor? Then came the cocaine, guns and ammunition which were then sold in the East/West corridor? What about all the mules and swallowers recruited from the East/West corridor who have made jail, still in jail and have died from transporting product supplied by the victim race? What about all the women transported through the swamps of central who are sex workers? What about those transported and offered for sale in Central? The politics of race refuses to see and cannot act on the criminal enterprises that that have grown and exploded in size and scale in Central since the 1960’s. Who is it who hired African foot soldiers from the East/west corridor to collect illicit debts by any means necessary for them thereby resulting in the footsoldiers going out on their own in an orgy of mayhem even grabbing their original benefactors? The crime families of Central! The great myth is that after Dole there was only decent and respectable people left Dole was the blot on the race. In 2014 there is a new order that is being put in place on the ground and it is Central turn now. This is the Mexican order as their affiliates on a daily basis erect the new order on the ground and their affiliates are not only from the urban areas of Trinidad, there are those from Central and those from areas external of T&T. Let the politicians fix this. I warned the powers that be of the arrival of the Mexican cartels in T&T long before I went public and I also warned of the crime wave that will sweep over the landscape south of the Caroni to the Guaracara river. The gravest tragedy of my life is to be trapped in T&T watching this long foreseen apocalypse wash over this land and I will not wrap a spliff, take two pull and pass out. That have to be Jamaica white ice which wholesales for at minimum USD6,000 per pound in Manhattan. For those interested in the discourse of racist hegemony see my book: “The politics of racist hegemony in T&T” available in e-book and dinosaur hard copy online etc.

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