Politics of race/politics of crime Part 2

It is now painfully obvious that the politics of race in T&T cannot respond to the complexity of transnational organised crime in T&T. The politics of race has T&T on the brink, staring over the precipice into the apocalypse of narco failed state status and the politicians cannot perceive this threat much less deal with it. All our institutions of national security are trapped in a time warp as they view the world via paradigms that cannot resonate with the reality on the ground and all they play is the sordid game of catch up with the bad boys. This morning it was three weeks since the assassination in Woodbrook and nothing has happened. The assassins are well trained to carry out the hit but then sit on their hands waiting to be caught in this jurisdiction. Yeah right. The salient question must be: where did this mind numbing paradigm of the politics of race come from? The answer lies in the decade of the 1950’s in the history of the British colony of T&T. From 1937 to the 1953 the de-classified files of the security apparatus of the colony of T&T reveal that the primary security threat was Tubal Uriah Butler and his Butler Party and trade union. The British exerted every covert and overt means to destroy the political potency of Butler. In 1953 a new threat appeared in the files, a threat that presented a clear and present danger to colonial interests in the colony. This was the creation and operation of a Hindu dominated political movement led by Bhadase Sagan Maraj with Simbhoonath Capildeo’s involvement. The British held the position that in an alliance with Butler the Hindu political movement can win the 1955 general elections and form the government. The British had then to shatter the alliance with Butler, shatter the Hindu political movement from within and of paramount importance to find a new political leader with the credibility to defeat the Hindu political movement, Butler and all those spurned and rejected by the British as Albert Gomes at the next general elections. The British then unleashed the discourse of the politics of race even before their political champion appeared on the scene. Butler and Bhadase fractured and cussed out each other. Butler got an all expenses paid trip to Britain and on his return cussed out Bhadase even more. Bhadase put up independents against his own party’s candidates which gave the PNM two seats and Butler shattered his party by putting up candidates rejected by the party’s executive which gave the PNM another seat. Dr Eric Williams formed the PNM in January 1956 and the general elections postponed in 1955 was called for September 1956 by the colonial overlord. In the period 1956-1961 Williams unleashed a new discourse of racist hegemony which was answered in kind by specific Indian politicians. The British insisted to Williams that the great prize of independence for T&T will only come with the emphatic political defeat of the Hindu political movement Williams then unleashed the discourse and specific Indian politicians in their versions of response took it to levels where images of Bosnia and Guyana were conjured up. The colonial overlord in the period gave us the electoral boundaries, the electoral system and the independence constitution all being designed to ensure the consignment of a minority to the wilderness of futile opposition politics. Out of the drive of the colonial massa to protect its geopolitical energy interests in T&T with the full complicity of the politicians of T&T we are now saddled with the politics of glaucoma which is useless when faced with transnational organised crime. To this day all the political gifts massa gave to us we still hold on to them for dear life, gifts that ensure our subservience and our failure as a nation.

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