Don Nico

A photo of Don Nico precedes this post. A public version of the beaching of the ship for public consumption has long been released but let’s look at an alternate reality. Ships built as the Don Nico are the bread and butter of the trafficking of illicit drugs from the Latin American mainland to the Caribbean island chain. They are either used to make deliveries to countries or to meet another form of transport on the high seas and transfer the cargo. A ship as designed as Don Nico will at minimum be loaded with 5 metric tonnes of cocaine or 5,000 kilos bricks packed in bales ranging from 23 to 27 kilos per bale. Ships as this don’t deal in petty loads as 25 kilos etc this is a big time vessel. The Mexican cartels whenever they make a run into a trafficking zone they simply discard the ship or aeroplane used to move the product. The possibility exists that soon the spaces of T&T will be littered with discarded drug transports. The next reality is that metric tonnes of product moved into T&T means metric tonnes leaving via all and every avenue for export from mules and swallowers to containerised cargo to the commodity exports of the energy sector. A simple beached ship can in fact point to apocalypse.

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