Learn from this reality T&T


Click on the link dump the propaganda and learn about the purge of the indigenous, resident drug traffickers of Guatemala by the Mexican cartels. Waldemar Lorenzana was a most powerful, decent, respectable and upstanding citizen of Guatemala connected to the state, political and financial systems. Lorenzana started with the Medellin cartel then sold his services to the Cali and Norte Valli cartels. He personally dealt with the Mexican cartels as hired labour and a saw them as peons refusing to bow to their hegemony over Guatemala. He was placed in a position after multiple kill teams made it clear that he was marked for death to having to choose between death at the hands of Los Zetas or a US Federal jail. He chose the latter hoping to make a deal as an informer. But those decent, respectable and upstanding citizens who know nothing of jail life make hard time and they are not outside of the hands of the Mexican cartels as even the Aryan Brotherhood is now a Mexican cartel affiliate remember high quality industrial grade methamphetamine supplied by the cartels. So they have to sing like a semp and hope it is enough to place them in the US witness protection program if not then they have to serve their time in protective detention: jail within the jail. In general population in a Federal pen they dead. Father and son Erik Leonel Estrada were publicly and graphically hunted and the methodology of the hunt expressed the anathema of the Mexicans. Remember you simply lose your head. Faced with this reality the Estradas left Guatemala in US chains. These are instances where there were extraditions to the US but the article does not deal with those who lost their heads simply exterminated as a potent indicator of the hegemony of the Mexican cartels over Guatemala. What must be noted is the fact that the Mexican cartels brought down these long dominant Guatemalan traffickers by not only taking then out themselves but by also giving them up to the US. In the absence of the Mexican cartel move for hegemony in Guatemala the decent, respectable and upstanding citizens of Guatemala who are the apex of the Guatemalan drug trafficking pyramid would be today wielding power in the political, economic and civil spaces of Guatemala with impunity. What must be noted is the fact that the ex-president of Guatemala is presently making Federal jail in the US for money laundering a victim of snitching to evade Federal jail. The process has now accelerated in Honduras the murder capital of the world with the extradition to the US of Carlos Arnaldo Lobo. T&T soon it will be your time now. Enjoy the ride guys. Leave early, pay top dollars to change your face and head for Russia.



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