Political financiers/Pirates of the Caribbean



The Gerrit Schotte former Prime Minister of Curacao investigation presently underway raises once again the spectre of the power political financiers wield over Caribbean politicians and the political devastation wrought by political financiers on Caribbean formal democratic politics. In Curacao as in Guyana with the case of Shahid Roger Khan the example is extreme and a lesson for all of us. The Curacao electoral system forces the formation of coalitions in order to create an executive from the legislature. Schotte became PM because Wiels as leader of the PS party backed Schotte for the post. Wiels insisted that the parties that represented the interests of the traditional ruling elites of Curacao must now be removed from state power. Wiels subsequently withdrew his support for the Schotte government triggering a general election and then refused to form a coalition with Schotte effectively placing Schotte in the wilderness of opposition politics. Today Wiels is dead shot down on a public beach in broad daylight with witnesses in plain sight: message sent. One of those accused of the Wiels assassination would then hang himself by the neck until dead in the police cells whilst in police custody. Message sent. From the first week of the Schotte government the aim and intent of this government became clear as the head of the intelligence service was without reason given fired from the job. Subsequently it was revealed in the public domain that the issue was the requisite security background check produced by the head of the intelligence service which spoke of shady characters linked to members of government including one shady person with reputed links to the Sicilian Cosa Nostra according to the Italian Judicial Police. The war with the intelligence service eventually led to a plunder of the files of the service in a bid to politically destroy the service whilst making available existing resources of the service to those who needed to know. Intelligence as booty for sale. Political financiers feed off state expenditure, no spending no opportunity to plunder the treasury. The Shotte government spent until the state of Curacao was insolvent whilst the entire state structure fell into disrepair and disuse. The straw that broke the camel’s back was the attempt to create a position of power within the central bank for an individual the Italian Judicial Police would and still is insisting is an affiliate of the Cosa Nostra. Schotte insists he is a decent, respectable upstanding citizen and was never involved in political alliances with shady characters and continues to do so. Politicians live in a world built on denial eventually they all end up permanently delusional better yet having multiple personalities. The lesson learnt is that in the Caribbean political financiers areĀ  bottom feeders driven by the lust for social dominance but they lack the means to challenge the entrenched ruling elites. Financing a politician is then a gamble to overcome a wall that they cannot in themselves overcome in their rant for social power. They are therefore driven, ill-disciplined, short sighted and viciously greedy hence their ability to form alliances with politicians locked out of state power. Once state power is attained political financiers care little for the concept of re-election they therefore run riot and their political allies believe that it is only as the election bell rings the image needs re-making. The first three to four years of the term is feeding time. So we are delivering to you so long denied and discriminated against must be translated only with delivery can we plunder so we deliver/plunder where it will reap us the most votes. But the political financiers of the Caribbean are now showing their willingness to destroy the state and the very political allies they funded. When you want to use the central bank as your personal bank to wash illicit money and to plunder this bank in your greed you are threatening the interests of the entrenched elites and the world capitalist order and they will bring you down. Worse yet you are threatening the interests of the Mexican cartels in these islands because the illicit trades must have properly functioning licit structures to wash the proceeds of these trades through and place them in the licit domains of world capitalism. These bottom feeders then pose grave threats to the interests of the Mexican cartels and will be dealt with in the Mexican way and so will be their political allies. A price will now be paid for unleashing these blood suckers on Caribbean economies. Visualise this scenario: A Mexican cartel is utilising the services of a Caribbean financial institution to wash its proceeds. A political financier decides to target and shake down this institution for an unsecured loan which will never be re-paid in order to finance a bogus tourism project. The money lent is stashed in a US bank. The bank goes into difficulty, the US Federals enter and Mexican cartel money is uncovered in the brew. What do you think happens next?

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