Accept the reality/get a green card

In gangland Trinidad minors in the past and the present were and are accomplished shottas. They enter into situations where adults are excluded, put down the hit and leave simply they are child soldiers. All the talk about absent fathers, incompetent parenting, at risk children, at risk families and hot spots fail to wrap perception around this daily reality of gangland in Trinidad. Minors in the game are then logical targets as they pose a plausible threat and in this game you deal with threats. This is a game where the family and child mother of your target is a valid, plausible means to flush out your target a minor in this game is a soldier. The primary question that no one is seeking answers to: is why has the state abdicated hegemony of wide swaths of territory of Trinidad to an armed illicit insurgency bent on exercising hegemony over spaces of Trinidad? When you seek to replace the hegemony of the state over a specific swath of state territory you are an insurgent and when you create an illicit criminal order to rule over this space then it is a criminal insurgency. All the failed talk has to be dumped and replaced with the realisation that we are now faced with a hardened criminal insurgency. The next reality is that the present incarnation of the T&T Police Service is not fit and ready to deal with the present hardened criminal reality. No political leader of T&T capable of dealing with crime in T&T can do so and refuse to immediately reform, re-define, re-position the T&T Police Service. The past and present governments have both refused to do what is necessary and as a result the situation has worsened and will get even worse. Both have created parallel policing structures which have and will fail miserably as the main policing body languishes in a near comatose state despite the latest attempt at policing by PR. Then policing in T&T takes place in a 1930’s paradigm whilst we are faced with 21st century criminals. The forensic science centre is the most cruel joke perpetrated on the people of T&T all because of the absence of the will of successive of governments. When the policing environment is viewed with its myriad hindrances to effective, scientific policing some people insist that the failure of political will is deliberate. I have no time for such conjecture as living in T&T now is life threatening. The problem of political will that is unwilling is the legacy of the politics of race in T&T. My Grandmother Amelia always insisted: how you make your bed so you lie. We have made the bed from 1956 to 2014 now we will lie/die in it because the killing now start.

I have listed the link from COHA which deals with the links between the Ndrangheta of Italy and Los Zetas. What is noteworthy in these North Atlantic articles on the Mexican cartels is their failure to understand that what transpired in Mexico in the 21st century was an aberration the result of individuals within Sinaloa Federation as Blues and El Chapo forming an alliance with politicians of the ruling PAN to ensure there is one super cartel in Mexico. For this specific PAN politicians entered political office poor and left filthy rich. The primary point is the operational link between Los Zetas and the most powerful cocaine trafficking organisation inn Europe. Both Los Zetas and Ndrangheta are operationally present in the Caribbean island chain. The link from the UNODC reports on the spread of methamphetamine use, production and trafficking in the world again indicating the potency of the strategic plan of the Mexican cartels. For those who insist I am a fabricator of positions on the illicit drug trade the mainstream has now joined the in the fabrication also.

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