The Security Crisis of 2014: T&T

The preceding post was necessary to outline the context. In 2014 there is nothing that T&T has that the US strategically needs. The days of molly cuddling T&T politicians from the decade of the 1990s is over. What this means is that T&T now has to protect its energy infrastructure minus the US security umbrella that was necessary during the days of US energy dependence on T&T LNG. T&T is now on its own and our efforts in this realm is to say the least sadly lacking. During the days of US energy dependence T&T politicians became delusional to the point of believing that they could call shots for the US to abide by. The last PNM PM according to the Wikileaks cables insisted to the US that they pay for T&T patrolling up the islands with the OPVs and in turn must supply military hardware to T&T that the PM listed on his wish list. Well don’t guess the US response just read the relevant section of my book: “Cocaine trafficking in the Caribbean and West Africa in the era of the Mexican cartels”. The next government went even further by cancelling the OPVs and failing to effectively patrol period even in T&T waters. But this delusion is dangerously destructive in the present government as it destroyed the previous as the US is now liberated from T&T LNG, continues to draw down on its military assets in the Caribbean and the tidal wave of illicit drugs created by the Mexican cartels continue to wash over the Caribbean creating a new illicit order. And in response T&T is dead in the water. Those who mistake US reduction of military assets in the Caribbean for US weakness is in for a rude awakening. There is no need for molly cuddling T&T politicians ever again by the US what we can therefore expect is a US response to threats to its security emanating from T&T is the full court press as utilised in Caribbean countries as the Dominican Republic. When faced with a government that does not want to see much less to act upon the threat posed to US security there are various means available to bring persuasion to bear. Remember this is the post 9/11 era of relations between an hegemon and a recalcitrant, weak state and various forms of dark ops are always on the menu. It is now abundantly apparent in 2014 that the politics of race cannot empower us to deal with the geopolitical realities of the globalised world for the politics of race is the gift of massa to all of us to ensure our post colonial subservience. The politics of race cannot allow us to see and visualise the nature of power in T&T and the world in 2014 how then can we grapple with an entity we cannot see and understand?

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