Guyana: T&Ts Siamese twin

Writing about a reality I am trapped in knowing fully well that there will be no change for the better forces one to retreat into silence whilst you review your alternatives and escape routes out of here. At my age the vision of economic migration is now dead and the work that was put down on my PhD at UWI, St Augustine was a lesson in my powerless as the old colonial structure termed the Royal Charter shields UWI from High Court action. In 2014 a citizen of T&T, a student of UWI cannot in the case of discrimination in the process of the award of a degree seek out redress in the High Court of T&T yet that same institution wants TT 1 billion of T&T tax payer dollars to run its annual affairs. In a social order where the licit order is driven by illicit acts committed with impunity by those who are supposed to be under the rule of law the illicit order infiltrates the licit order and eventually overthrows the licit order. Remember this is not corruption this is a state of illicit impunity by those charged with the rule of law and they are simply knocked over by an illicit force more powerful than they are. This is Guyana today and the force is the Mexican cartels with T&T next.

Guyana in the 1990s became a site for illicit drug labs as coca paste was flown in and turned into cocaine hydrochloride. This operation was under the control of the Colombian and Venezuelan trafficking organisations. The Guyanese hinterland belonged to these organisations with cocaine moving out of Guyana to Suriname and into Venezuela, Brazil and French Guiana. With the erection of the Lethem bridge that connects Guyana to Brazil the volume  of traffic into Brazil exploded. The volume of product to be trafficked and the chronically underdeveloped nature of the Guyanese transport system and its international connections led to the frantic involvement of all sectors of the social order in trafficking. Every single mode of transport Guyana possessed was placed under the trafficking regime. Hence you will see in the links provided the case of the Guyanese trawler interdicted off Ghana loaded with cocaine from Guyana bound for Ghana note the composition of the crew and understand the reason for the flow of persons from West Africa to the Caribbean today. Most importantly look at the first link listed and note the evidence for the link that presently exists in Guyana between Italian-American crime families, Italian organised crime, Mexican cartels and Mexican cartel operations in Guyana. There are Mexican cartel operations in Guyana sending cocaine from Guyana to the world utilising Guyanese made products. soon, if it is not happening already partners in Guyanese businesses not known before will begin appearing especially in those producing products worthy of export and in the gold and diamond fields of Guyana. Already Guyana is the most intense trafficking point in Caribbean given the size of its economy and its chronic underdevelopment. To understand the depth of the wave of trafficking that has swept the Guyanese social order note the link on the deaths arising from ingesting SSS tonic. The strategy to flood Brazil with product has then saturated Guyana with product available for transport and this is the deliberate strategy of the Mexican cartels controlling the business in Guyana today. This industry has exploded whilst the Guyanese politicians live in a 1960s time warp making Guyana the best investment to-date for the Mexican cartels in the Caribbean but it is now faced with serious limitations. Guyana presents an international trafficking bottle-neck to the Mexicans cartels given the poor international linkages of Guyana to world trade routes. With all that product to move Trinidad beckons as the lighthouse on the darkest night. T&T has everything Guyana does not have and the linkages between the two abound. Creating an export point in T&T is then necessary for the success of the Mexican cartels venture in Guyana. To understand the depth of the Mexican cartels investment in Guyana note that ganja fields raided by the police are 30 to 50 acres in expanse. Now imagine the size of cartel ganja fields? Pax Mexicana.


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