The Minister’s folly/broken window

I have described the agenda that is being executed on the ground and one can if one wants to see the hand that is pulling the strings. What is apparent is that the Minister of National Security and the First Division of the T&T Police Service are at best in acute denial or at worst are pursuing a strategy of response that is driven by the need to win votes in the short term. The reality is that what is now needed and necessary to address the present security crisis of T&T is perceived as not flowing in accord with the politics of race and the politics of race trumps our nation’s security. Then the response to the agenda being implemented on the ground is to focus of the foot soldiers of the agenda whilst the illicit drugs and gun trades that is driving the agenda remains untouched. You are dealing with the skin lesions whilst the disease attacks and destroys the organs of the state. Do you think that the persons pulling the strings live in the so-called “hot spots”? The so-called “hot spots” are in fact the fall guys of the game being played by the TTPS and the politicians as they are supposed to be the criminogenic repositories of Trinidad from which the crime disease flows from infecting the rest of T&T. For refusing to become integrated into the illicit/licit state order of T&T by accepting the place allocated to them in the social order these “hot spots” will then pay with the blood of their inhabitants. Remember in T&T we don’t shoot down the drug traffickers and illicit gun sellers who are decent, respectable and upstanding citizens we don’t even arrest them we shoot those at the end of the business chain in the “hot spots”. Remember in T&T we don’t shoot down the apex of the gangster structure that still live in the “hot spots” many now commute to work we shoot down their go fors, car washers and doubles boys. Never forget that the war in the “hot spots” has a race veneer to it especially in an election year. Fear of a black planet. Into this maelstrom now steps the Minister of National Security with his relentless mouthing of his belief in something called “broken windows theory”. Mouthed by Wilson etc in 1982 it is supposed to be a theory on policing for the USA and supposedly embraced and utilised by Bratton in New York City. This is but another example of grabbing US agendas clothed in a US academic criminological paradigm and hoping to apply it to realities in T&T. T&T is as state located in the Caribbean illicit drug transition zone where the state has been compromised by illicit trafficking this reality alone demands a paradigm of policing rooted in this reality. Wilson etc did not write for our reality they know nothing of our reality and care nothing for our reality. The Minister should learn the reality that Bratton knows nothing about policing in a drug transition zone state because he has never run a police service in a drug transition zone state. In service to the US why didn’t Bratton take over the police service of Puerto Rico which collapsed under the assault of the Puerto Rican drug trade forcing the US Federal government to intervene and set about the task of re-branding, re-building the Puerto Rico police department. The lesson for T&T is that the police department of the largest expanse of US territory in the Caribbean drug transition zone has collapsed. And the police department of the US Virgin Island is also under intense pressure. New York City is not in the Caribbean drug transition zone policing in New York is simply not relevant to our reality. The Minister must now forget Bratton and go to Puerto Rico and see the policing crisis in US territory in living colour then ask what are they doing to fix the problem. There is where the lessons lie not on Broadway. The Minister must also understand that academic criminologists knows nothing of our reality because they don’t pursue field work that can result in their death hence their paltry understanding of the illicit trades of the Caribbean. Academic criminologists intend to be alive, well off and irrelevant that is their survival strategy. They are then masters at faking it and a whole structure of faking it has evolved to trap grant money and consultancies. They simply sing the song the piper is paying for. They are then part of the problem not the solution as they feed off the misery of our peoples as corbeaux. In 1978 I got into the criminology game instructed by Kenneth Pryce and from the outset my choice was to understand the illicit trades making me a observer but never an academic criminologist. In fact what is a criminologist? The link above is to Wilson etc on broken windows.



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