The US official said it—US-official_17005247


William Brownfield of the US State Department insisted that the Seetahal assassination was linked to the drug trade as it was the act of a transnational organised drug trafficking organisation. The Us Federal state said it and the government of T&T is silent which projects the implication that this reality spoken of by Brownfield simply does not exist in T&T. I stated the obvious on national television and in this blog which has now been supported by Brownfield. To those at UWI who insist that my work is fabrication and myth necessitating my dismissal from UWI please note that Brownfield is also speaking myths. The question arises as to the nature of and the agenda of the string puller at UWI? A link with the Brownfield position is listed above.

William Brownfield does not speak from the basis of crime scene data. Brownfield is the designated US Federal government spokesperson on this issue and he is speaking from the intelligence collected by the most extensive covert intelligence collection structure in this part of the world both electronic/signals and HUMINT. We therefore question the word of Brownfield at our own peril. Brownfield speaks from a covert structure that has extensive contacts with the Sinaloa Federation so when he says transnational drug organised crime take note as your house is on fire. secondly no local organised crime group separate and apart from the Mexican cartels can hire a Mexican transnational globalised organised crime group to execute a hit which does not fit into the strategic plan of the transnational. Transnationals do not hire themselves out to local underlings including those who brought them into T&T. That is the reality Brownfield is alluding to.

Understand also that a suppressed AR15 sounds like a 9mm and an AR15 is reworked to handle larger rounds whilst suppressed and 50 calibre rifles go through APCs trapped in the barrow lanes of of the urban setting and it has happened already where a gang soldier brandishing an RPG stood down a Police mechanised patrol up an infamous hill on a Christmas Eve night in the past. The gun boats never stopped and were never stopped supplying such light weapons now the Mexican cartels supply their speciality weapons. A dangerous and sick game played by the politicians has now turned terminal.

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