BP TTs LNG excluded


The article above deals with a 20 year LNG supply deal between China and BP the command and control entity for BPTT but not for TT taxation purposes. China demanded that in order for BP to access the Chinese energy market as a supplier the price to China must be lower than Asian spot prices for LNG the highest in the world at present. It is reported that BP had to offer China a portfolio contract where the price of the LNG is pegged to US gas prices and world oil prices and China had to have the right to re-sell LNG it purchased. Sources have indicated that the LNG to be sold by BP to China will come from US shale gas LNG produced at Freeport, Texas. It is now apparent that the cost structure of BPTT LNG has excluded it from the supply nexus to China simply because the paradigm that created the four trains at Point Fortin was for export to the US not China especially under portfolio contracts. US shale gas is then the lowest cost supplier of feedstock to LNG trains a cost which T&T cannot compete with and it’s US shale gas feedstock that is opening the huge potential Chinese LNG market to BP and BG not T&T gas. As a nation we are now faced with multiple crises that are merging to form a perfect storm. Remember the T&T state lives off energy revenue and a whole slew of private sector operators of T&T cannot survive without the foreign exchange generated by the energy sector. Spend, consume for soon the crises becomes the perfect storm. Readers can read my book: “The geo-politics of LNG in Trinidad and Venezuela in the 21st century” available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc for more detail on this reality.


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