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Pax Mexicana

For a very long time I have spoken to silence on the issue of the illicit trades of the Caribbean and the new social order spawned by the illicit trades which is now actively engaged in a battle for hegemony with the existing social order. The response is silence, a silence which masks the moves to render me a vagrant and the position that the sins of the father must fall on the child. But in this reality I count for nothing because the illicit order grows in strength and will not disappear in the event on my death. When you envisage the power of the illicit order in T&T and the Caribbean you ask yourself why then the energy devoted to hunt me, to deprive me of work to render me a vagrant at best? Because in the structure of power I am not even dust in the wind and to destroy my survival chances does not indicate to Pax Mexicana the potency of my pursuers. For in the structure of power of Pax Mexicana they are themselves less than dust in the wind. To prove your rank in the scheme of things then take on Pax Mexicana but make sure you don’t lose your head in that engagement. Now back to overriding reality.


Links 1 and 2 report on the interdiction of an airline passenger from Trinidad with 9 lbs of powdered cocaine in his suitcase at JFK in plain sight. The method of trafficking fits into the model of trafficking out of CJIA in Guyana. Apparently the trafficking organisation is so washed in product the methodology adopted is a wave of product flooding US airports where you simply overwhelm the interdiction structure. Lesson for us: our airports are porous and we are not in control. In the decade of the 1990s a heroin trafficking operation through T&T was never dismantled given the exploding demand for heroin in the US today what do you think is happening now, right now? Only an organisation affiliated to the Mexican cartels can now launch such a wave. Pax Mexicana. Link 3 reports on the dismantling of a drug trafficking organisation that moved product from Sint Maarten/Dutch Saint Martin to the US for years. In 2012 the DEA began dismantling this organisation which is handled in my book: “Cocaine trafficking in the Caribbean and West Africa in the era of the Mexican cartels” available online. What this is simply drop a dime on recalcitrant competitors, inform on them, sell them out to the DEA and then seize their turf. That is the Mexican cartel way those who feel that the way is murder, mayhem and graphic violence that is for Mexico not the operations of the international arms. The drug traffickers of T&T take note and listen as the dime drops in Washington and never forget that in every US Federal super max prison their gang affiliates are there waiting to greet and treat in the prison gang manner even the Aryan Brotherhood. Pax Mexicana. Links 4 and 5 report on the Guyanese registered ship which reportedly left Guyana with a load of Guyanese rice for Jamaica but was interdicted 200 miles south of Puerto Rico loaded with ganja. The question is where was this ship destined for to offload this ganja? Was it following the island chain in order to get back to Guyana or was it on its way to a rendezvous? These questions are of little relevance what is reality is the fact that under the hegemony of the Mexican cartels ganja production and trafficking has exploded in the Caribbean island chain as ganja is but another product in the product mix of Mexican cartels. Ganja production and trafficking is now the indigenous trans Caribbean illicit enterprise. Pax Mexicana.

Delusion or deception?

What is noteworthy throughout the Caribbean island chain is the common response by the politicians and the national security apparatuses they command to the spawn of the illicit drug trade in the Caribbean especially gun crimes. They all involve hot spots, lockdowns of hot spots and putting the military on the streets in a civilian policing capacity. Inevitably a legislative agenda that speaks of a zero tolerance on crime is launched the aim of which is the reduction of human rights justified with the language of sacrifices must be made in a war on the criminals. But the cut and fit strategy of the Caribbean has failed miserably and the draconian legislation placed on the statute books have all failed but our eroded human rights are not restored which is creating the context for an assault on the state from within the bowels of the state or for elements of the state to desert the state and sell their services to the Mexican cartels thereby assaulting the state to capture the state by rendering it an appendage of the cartels or both as is the case of Guinea Bissau. In 2013 three human heads were taken and displayed in Trinidad: the first in La Romaine, the second in the car park of the stables of the Arima Race Club which adjoins Caparo and the third displayed on Nelson St, Port of Spain. Since then this action has not been repeated. The message was sent and persons must understand that a message from the Mexican affiliates does not always involve gun violence and mayhem to attain their strategic end. The Mexican cartels command various resources to attain strategic ends including passing information on their targets to various state agencies both national and international and the media. They simply drop the dime on their targets, inform on them and feed the media on them. The obvious reality is that the common Caribbean response to the illicit drug trade is not working and will not work. What it does in fact is create space for the Mexican cartels to play in. Does the military intend to stay forever in East Port of Spain? Nothing has been done to dismantle the illicit structures in East Port of Spain all that is happening is that the shooters have silenced their assault rifles but these rifles have are still in their possession. When the need arises persons are still murdered. In this environment the affiliates of the Mexican cartels if they so desire will easily exert hegemony. State strategy that does not address the reality on the ground simply contributes to the hegemony of the new order sweeping the Caribbean. Pax Mexicana. But state strategy is driven by political expediency by what politicians believe is necessary for re-election. The problem with this is that politicians wielding state power live in a bubble and from this bubble many view the world via delusion whilst some play a game of deception. The overarching reality of the Caribbean is that follow the trail of an illicit act and you soon enter the realm of the licit of the descent and respectable wielding power. The illicit/licit order is the basis of power in the social order of the Caribbean which is the most potent legacy of colonial domination inherited and maintained in Caribbean social orders.

I have listed three links. Links 1 and 2 deal with the shooting at the Hato international airport, Curacao and the third from St Kitts Nevis. Note in all the response of the state is the same as in T&T and the language is all the same as they all share the same discourse. It is a discourse that projects the weakness of the state and the inability of the state security apparatuses to deal with the threat. One common response in the Caribbean today in the face of state weakness is to have a national security spokesman that speaks to the issues in the public domain as a clone of marshall Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke. Remember Dillon was not a talker but a doer.


Caribbean crime events are linked

God is certainly not a Trini and T&T is in no way T&T is special and apart from the common Caribbean crime realities as there is a common strategic order arising from the hegemony of the Mexican cartels over the illicit trades of the Caribbean at present. Just understand the appearance and spread of the chikungunya virus through the Caribbean and into South America and you will understand the movement of people into, through, around and out of the Caribbean by the people smugglers of the Caribbean who are now under the rule of the Mexican cartels. Chinese are moved into and through the Caribbean, dropped in Central America, moved to Mexico and then over the US border. Brazilians are moved to the Dominican Republic, issued with false US id then dropped in Puerto Rico for the jump to the US. Cubans are moved to the Dominican Republic, Central America and Mexico for the jump to the US. People carry diseases and the illicit movement of people spreads these communicable diseases. The politicians of the Caribbean all respond in the same manner: pursue issues because the US is pursuing these issues. Human trafficking is a big US issue so Caribbean governments dance the US dance but in the Caribbean human smuggling trumps trafficking by light years but not a word is heard on this issue much less the reality that there is a thin line that separates smuggling from trafficking a very thin line seen only by politicians. The abiding lesson then is that there are no borders in the Caribbean these exist only on maps and in irrelevant discourse on the sovereignty of nation states. Crime events in any Caribbean nation has then to be placed in a comparative Caribbean Basin crime event context. This methodology then demands Caribbean basin joint action which is the task of the politicians to achieve. I wish you luck on this.

The first link is for the article that reported the interdiction of an ammunition re-loader and shells to be re-loaded in Jamaica. The article also reports on the dissemination of the technology to teenagers by the owner/operator of a re-loading machine that was seized by the Jamaican government. Lesson: re-loaders are in play note this reality in T&T. The second and third links deal with the drive by shootings at the Curacao international airport. Reports indicate that it was in fact a gang hit and one of the gangs involved was also named in the assassination of Heilman Wiels. This report when meshed with the final link raises the reality of the politicisation of gangland in Curacao and with that gangland impunity flows to the extent where you shoot anywhere with impunity. Salient lessons for T&T that enable us to understand what is the reality of T&T now, today.

Recognise the hand pulling the strings

I have listed a number of links to articles of recent vintage which again point to the hand pulling the strings of illicit activity in the Caribbean. After much talk by the government and police of St Kitts Nevis on early Saturday morning last on The Strip on Frigate’s bay three were shot dead and four wounded in a walk by. An act of impunity with a message attached for the powers that be. The killings will no longer be confined to specific areas as Cayon it will now be launched in the heart of the tourism infrastructure. The next link reports on the drive by shooting death of two at the Curacao international airport in broad daylight in the heart of the tourist infrastructure. This is the same island state investigating the daylight murder with impunity of its largest political party in the Parliament of Curacao with a former member of that party a who was a Minister in the former government now being publicly named as a suspect in the Wiels assassination. The next link reports on the official Jamaican government’s spin of the sudden and unexpected early retirement of the then Commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Owen Ellington. The retired Commissioner was a hand picked member of Operation Kingfish vetted and approved of by the British who financed and constituted this task force which supposedly had the task of breaking up Jamaican drug trafficking. Members of Operation Kingfish also worked closely with US Federal agencies which meant that they were also vetted by these US agencies. Operation Kingfish also paralleled the introduction of British personnel to manage the JCF on a daily basis. With the end of British leadership of the JCF, Ellington was hand picked to return the JCF to Jamaican leadership. Today Ellington is gone and one wonders if the British intervention into the JCF like Operation Kingfish has come to nought, nothing, nils, nada. Operation Kingfish removed small fry whereas today the Mexican affiliates run the Jamaican illicit drug trade and Jamaican gangland has been structurally changed for a new era. Pax Mexicana. The final links points to the reality of the ganja trade between Jamaica and Guyana. Guyanese rice and other exports to Jamaica, Jamaican ganja, Jam Bang, Jam, white ice, to Guyana. Guyana already has a huge ganja production output leaving the conclusion that Jam Bang to Guyana is being exported from Guyana to other markets. Jam Bang burn like rain for the Brazil World Cup? These are all developments in the Caribbean that point to the strategic and organisational potency of the Mexican Cartels in the Caribbean today. What then is the response of the politicians of the Caribbean? Note the ongoing response in East Port of Spain, Trinidad. Not a single drug shipment is interdicted, not a single arms shipment is interdicted whilst licks is shared on those who are not ranking gangsters, the gundoleros, sicarios remain untouched. But the noteworthy reality found in the arms and ammunition seized by the Police and made public is ammunition that will do serious terminal damage but they cannot be used by the guns seized and displayed. This has nothing to do with 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm ammunition which the police and media have an infatuation with. Ammunition will not be held and moved without demand now that is the reality to understand.

Denial to evade gazing on the Power

Denial does not in any way degrade the power of the Mexican cartels and their Caribbean gangland affiliates in the Caribbean. In fact denial on the part of the politicians and the national security apparatuses enhances the power of the cartels and their affiliates. Denial can be purchased and given freely. The link to an article in the Antigua Observer points to a cocaine seizure in Antigua which illustrates the potency of the operational strategy of the Mexican cartels for the Eastern Caribbean. The picture of the cocaine seized exhibits all the signs of Mexican cartel product. Dominica is today washed in product as it is a way station in the movement of Mexican cartel product into Guadeloupe then France and the EU. Antigua and Barbuda are linked to the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Island trafficking zone which has raised the level of product entering and leaving Antigua and Barbuda via various trafficking routes. The second link reports on the Mexican cartels now producing their own drones to move product into the US from Mexico. What must be noted is that a drone production capacity under the control of the Mexican cartels means in fact they have drone surveillance and drone attack capacities. In any Caribbean territory when the operational situation demands the Mexican cartels can now launch their own drones with surveillance and attack capacities. Remember said drones are hand launched. Talk of war by the state against urban gangs must now ascertain if such gangs war was declared on are/are not Mexican cartel affiliates. For said politicians who declare war may be writing a cheque politically they cannot cash for military capacity is limited by the political dictates of the day learn from the history of the Vietnam war. I must now shut my mouth because in my old days I need to eat and buy expensive medicine and they have made it clear to me is vagrancy for me. But I am never convinced that my silence will buy me space to live in peace. and my demise will change nothing. You sow the wind and you are now reaping the whirlwind.



























Follow the breadcrumbs, Gretel
The first link from the top of the post opens the news report on interventions in West Africa by North Atlantic nations to disrupt the drug trafficking being carried out by Islamic extremists in West and North Africa. In 2004 in my book “The Al Qaeda Discourse of the Greater Kufr” I wrote of the connection between drug trafficking and the funding of Islamic extremist organisations and all I met with was dead, deaf silence. After the horse has bolted from the stable and has reproduced in the wild having lived sustainably feral for so long you now want to react with a pitiful knee jerk reaction that is designed to fail. It makes no strategic sense to intervene in West Africa when there is no intervention in the Caribbean basin and Brazil where the illicit drugs are now entering West Africa from. Or the intervention into West Africa is because of the creation of offshore manufacturing points in Africa by the Mexican cartels? If so then Africa is on its way to become an illicit drug manufaturing point distinctly separate from the Western Hemisphere. Methamphetamine is already being produced in Africa in industrial quantities by the Mexican cartels and the huge investments made in the 1990s to grow the coca bush in specific areas of Africa by the Mexican cartels raises the question of success finally by the plant geneticists and agronomists on the payrolls of the Mexican cartels. Afghan heroin floods East Africa and is distributed to the North Atlantic now from Africa as the product is warehoused in West Africa waiting to jump the Atlantic ocean to North America. The North Atlantic prosecution of the so-called war on drugs is as the little Dutch boy who simply ran out of digits in his bid to plug numerous leaks in the dyke. What is not known is whilst the little boy was seeking to plug leaks he by his actions was creating more leaks than he had digits to plug with. Whilst they tell us how to prosecute their war on drugs in more states of the union bongs stuffed with legal home grown Afghani Kush are being lit up whilst the black marias are rolling into the Magistrates’ courts all over the Caribbean crammed with persons charged with possession for lesser amounts than those who are smoking licit bongs loaded with Kush in the land that invented the war on drugs for us. But in my old, old days now I must learn to shut my mouth because there is no profit in scrunting poverty for me as the overlords have condemned me to unemployment in the last years of my working life and they know I need to work as I am poor. But I have grown convinced over the years that even silence will bring no space for me to live in peace. There is no peace for me not even in the space of my beliefsystem as I am Muslim and I have grown weary of constant war and persecution because I reject the extremists and racism.
Note the second link that reports on a find by the Guyanese Police of thousands of used shells for assault rifles being stock piled. Link this with my blog posting on the re-loading of ammunition. Do we now have industrial scale re-loading of assault rifle ammunition and an international trade in this ammunition? Over to the broken windows man.

Another brick in the wall!

It is reported that individuals were interdictd having in their possession a reltively large collection of spent shells/brass. A trade in spent brass therefore exists in Trinidad which can be pointing to the re-loading of ammunition and the sale of re-loaded ammunition to various end users both illicit and licit. A spent shell is refitted with a primer, cordite and a bullet and placed in the re-loading press whoops live round ready for use at a fraction of the cost for brand new ammunition. A poor;y done re-load is a grave risk but in the lower levels of the illicit order who cares. The reality to note is the number of spent shells used by assault rifles: AK 47 and AR15 collected and available for re-loading. Weld this reality to the report by Inspector Alexander of the dicovery of an illicit shooting range in the forest of Diego Martin where spent shells for AR 15 and AKs since the 47 were found strewn on the forest floor which indicates that there is no shortage of ammunition impacting those using the illicit firing range. The shooters weren’t even concerned with picking up their brass. The report also stated that from the evidence targets were placed on the trees to facilitate target shooting. The reality is then clear of the organic changes sweeping over gangland T&T. Pax Mexicana.

The US needs nothing we have
Click on the link and wrap your mind around the reality that the US today has eclipsed Saudi Arabia and Russia as a producer of condensate and crude oil. The dominance of the US is expected to continue until the 2030s. Tight oil/shale oil and shale gas has now turned the US into an international energy player which is now a potent asset in the geo-political agendas of the US. Those who mistake the US removal of military assets from US Southern Command as US weakness in the Caribbean Basin and an opportunity to exploit are delusional at best. US energy assets is a most potent weapon that has already changed the nature of US engagement with the energy exporters of the Western Hemisphere. Both Venezuela and Ecuador have had to respond to the changed energy demand landscape of the US by now seeking a special supplier relationship with China. The new US energy landscape has also decimated Caribbean refineries which imported feedstock for refining with refined products exported mainly to the US market. Tight oil/shale oil delivered to US based refineries at competitive prices has now destroyed the export market of these aged Caribbean refineries. Petrotrin’s refinery is now in dire straits saddled with an un-economic debt burden has now lost its US export market. The next question arises over the viability of huge offshore crude storage farms as the Borco storage farm in the Bahamas given the new US energy landscape. Even the nature of energy shipping in the Caribbean is and will change in response to the new US energy landscape. The shipping will now exit the US with US energy loads exported to various markets destroying the present routing. Already the Venezuelan plan to establish a string of offshore refineries under the control of PDVSA in the Caribbean fed by Venezuelan feedstock is being re-visualised to respond to the new US energy landscape. The Venezuelan plan now calls for investment in Venezuela in modern infrastructure utilising Venezuelan feedstock as the emphasis is on greater vale added products made in Venezuela. PDVSA as the saviour of aged Caribbean refineries is now dead killed by the US energy revolution. The politicians will then have to make the decision on what is to be done with a refinery that is burdened with un-manageable debt and has lost its major export market. Expect a political decision devoid of rational good sense. Finally those who labour under the delusion of US weakness in the Caribbean remember since 9/11 dark ops is an accepted part of US geo-political action.

Personal reflections

In 1998 I commenced the process of writing on the illicit drug trade of the Caribbean this was to be one area of my speciality knowledge the other was extremist Islam. This was deliberate on my part as the basis for me to exit the Caribbean and to disappear into the North Atlantic. My gravest hindrance was my poverty which forced me to become a post graduate student at UWI, St Augustine whilst I worked and wrote.I also carried the mark of being politically involved with Basdeo Panday in the formation of the UNC and thereafter. The lesson of my political activity is not that I was hunted by the political enemies of the UNC but by persons within the UNC in the period 1995-2001 for the UNC is guilty of political cannibalism. With my MPhil taking 8 years before it was awarded to me as I wrote on the Jamaat al Mulimeen and the event of July 27th 1990 and my position on it was simply not in keeping with the accepted UWI position. After 8 years my jump to the North Atlantic was dead for all intents and purposes as I wrote a PHD thesis which was too “different” to be and ended with an MPhil. By then I also learnt that acquiring specialist knowledge of the illicit trades of the Caribbean meant nothing to the governments of the Caribbean and the UWI. It also meant nothing to the North Atlantic in their supposed war on drugs. So here I was studying a reality every single day of the year for years trapped in a region that simly was not interested but it was the most dynamic reality which impacted daily life in the Caribbean and by the 21st century it had thrown up a new reality never experienced before that would shake Caribbean society to its core and here I was trapped in T&T. The return to state power of the UNC in 2010 had the expected impact on my working life that I expected as the hunt towards rendering me unemployed was unleashed on me at UWI within months of the UNC’s return to state power. And the end of my employment at UWI will soon become real. Some persons have told me to my face that the lesson of my life is obvious that when I was offered entry to the game I should have grasped this opportunity with both hands. That my religious/moral reasons given for not entering the trade was simply a rationale given to mask my cowardice. To those persons I say maybe they are right even correct but they don’t know of the shadow person that I hate to be that the trade would have brought out and placed in the public domain. But what about the hundreds of males much younger than me who are faced with the choice every single day of life my life is then the lesson to them that it is futile to resist the temptation as there is no reward for those who choose to resist. This is the product of an illicit/licit social order where the rule of law serves those who rule. Massa and his plantation never left.