The US needs nothing we have
Click on the link and wrap your mind around the reality that the US today has eclipsed Saudi Arabia and Russia as a producer of condensate and crude oil. The dominance of the US is expected to continue until the 2030s. Tight oil/shale oil and shale gas has now turned the US into an international energy player which is now a potent asset in the geo-political agendas of the US. Those who mistake the US removal of military assets from US Southern Command as US weakness in the Caribbean Basin and an opportunity to exploit are delusional at best. US energy assets is a most potent weapon that has already changed the nature of US engagement with the energy exporters of the Western Hemisphere. Both Venezuela and Ecuador have had to respond to the changed energy demand landscape of the US by now seeking a special supplier relationship with China. The new US energy landscape has also decimated Caribbean refineries which imported feedstock for refining with refined products exported mainly to the US market. Tight oil/shale oil delivered to US based refineries at competitive prices has now destroyed the export market of these aged Caribbean refineries. Petrotrin’s refinery is now in dire straits saddled with an un-economic debt burden has now lost its US export market. The next question arises over the viability of huge offshore crude storage farms as the Borco storage farm in the Bahamas given the new US energy landscape. Even the nature of energy shipping in the Caribbean is and will change in response to the new US energy landscape. The shipping will now exit the US with US energy loads exported to various markets destroying the present routing. Already the Venezuelan plan to establish a string of offshore refineries under the control of PDVSA in the Caribbean fed by Venezuelan feedstock is being re-visualised to respond to the new US energy landscape. The Venezuelan plan now calls for investment in Venezuela in modern infrastructure utilising Venezuelan feedstock as the emphasis is on greater vale added products made in Venezuela. PDVSA as the saviour of aged Caribbean refineries is now dead killed by the US energy revolution. The politicians will then have to make the decision on what is to be done with a refinery that is burdened with un-manageable debt and has lost its major export market. Expect a political decision devoid of rational good sense. Finally those who labour under the delusion of US weakness in the Caribbean remember since 9/11 dark ops is an accepted part of US geo-political action.

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