Another brick in the wall!

It is reported that individuals were interdictd having in their possession a reltively large collection of spent shells/brass. A trade in spent brass therefore exists in Trinidad which can be pointing to the re-loading of ammunition and the sale of re-loaded ammunition to various end users both illicit and licit. A spent shell is refitted with a primer, cordite and a bullet and placed in the re-loading press whoops live round ready for use at a fraction of the cost for brand new ammunition. A poor;y done re-load is a grave risk but in the lower levels of the illicit order who cares. The reality to note is the number of spent shells used by assault rifles: AK 47 and AR15 collected and available for re-loading. Weld this reality to the report by Inspector Alexander of the dicovery of an illicit shooting range in the forest of Diego Martin where spent shells for AR 15 and AKs since the 47 were found strewn on the forest floor which indicates that there is no shortage of ammunition impacting those using the illicit firing range. The shooters weren’t even concerned with picking up their brass. The report also stated that from the evidence targets were placed on the trees to facilitate target shooting. The reality is then clear of the organic changes sweeping over gangland T&T. Pax Mexicana.

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