Follow the breadcrumbs, Gretel
The first link from the top of the post opens the news report on interventions in West Africa by North Atlantic nations to disrupt the drug trafficking being carried out by Islamic extremists in West and North Africa. In 2004 in my book “The Al Qaeda Discourse of the Greater Kufr” I wrote of the connection between drug trafficking and the funding of Islamic extremist organisations and all I met with was dead, deaf silence. After the horse has bolted from the stable and has reproduced in the wild having lived sustainably feral for so long you now want to react with a pitiful knee jerk reaction that is designed to fail. It makes no strategic sense to intervene in West Africa when there is no intervention in the Caribbean basin and Brazil where the illicit drugs are now entering West Africa from. Or the intervention into West Africa is because of the creation of offshore manufacturing points in Africa by the Mexican cartels? If so then Africa is on its way to become an illicit drug manufaturing point distinctly separate from the Western Hemisphere. Methamphetamine is already being produced in Africa in industrial quantities by the Mexican cartels and the huge investments made in the 1990s to grow the coca bush in specific areas of Africa by the Mexican cartels raises the question of success finally by the plant geneticists and agronomists on the payrolls of the Mexican cartels. Afghan heroin floods East Africa and is distributed to the North Atlantic now from Africa as the product is warehoused in West Africa waiting to jump the Atlantic ocean to North America. The North Atlantic prosecution of the so-called war on drugs is as the little Dutch boy who simply ran out of digits in his bid to plug numerous leaks in the dyke. What is not known is whilst the little boy was seeking to plug leaks he by his actions was creating more leaks than he had digits to plug with. Whilst they tell us how to prosecute their war on drugs in more states of the union bongs stuffed with legal home grown Afghani Kush are being lit up whilst the black marias are rolling into the Magistrates’ courts all over the Caribbean crammed with persons charged with possession for lesser amounts than those who are smoking licit bongs loaded with Kush in the land that invented the war on drugs for us. But in my old, old days now I must learn to shut my mouth because there is no profit in scrunting poverty for me as the overlords have condemned me to unemployment in the last years of my working life and they know I need to work as I am poor. But I have grown convinced over the years that even silence will bring no space for me to live in peace. There is no peace for me not even in the space of my beliefsystem as I am Muslim and I have grown weary of constant war and persecution because I reject the extremists and racism.
Note the second link that reports on a find by the Guyanese Police of thousands of used shells for assault rifles being stock piled. Link this with my blog posting on the re-loading of ammunition. Do we now have industrial scale re-loading of assault rifle ammunition and an international trade in this ammunition? Over to the broken windows man.

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