Denial to evade gazing on the Power

Denial does not in any way degrade the power of the Mexican cartels and their Caribbean gangland affiliates in the Caribbean. In fact denial on the part of the politicians and the national security apparatuses enhances the power of the cartels and their affiliates. Denial can be purchased and given freely. The link to an article in the Antigua Observer points to a cocaine seizure in Antigua which illustrates the potency of the operational strategy of the Mexican cartels for the Eastern Caribbean. The picture of the cocaine seized exhibits all the signs of Mexican cartel product. Dominica is today washed in product as it is a way station in the movement of Mexican cartel product into Guadeloupe then France and the EU. Antigua and Barbuda are linked to the US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Island trafficking zone which has raised the level of product entering and leaving Antigua and Barbuda via various trafficking routes. The second link reports on the Mexican cartels now producing their own drones to move product into the US from Mexico. What must be noted is that a drone production capacity under the control of the Mexican cartels means in fact they have drone surveillance and drone attack capacities. In any Caribbean territory when the operational situation demands the Mexican cartels can now launch their own drones with surveillance and attack capacities. Remember said drones are hand launched. Talk of war by the state against urban gangs must now ascertain if such gangs war was declared on are/are not Mexican cartel affiliates. For said politicians who declare war may be writing a cheque politically they cannot cash for military capacity is limited by the political dictates of the day learn from the history of the Vietnam war. I must now shut my mouth because in my old days I need to eat and buy expensive medicine and they have made it clear to me is vagrancy for me. But I am never convinced that my silence will buy me space to live in peace. and my demise will change nothing. You sow the wind and you are now reaping the whirlwind.



























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