Recognise the hand pulling the strings

I have listed a number of links to articles of recent vintage which again point to the hand pulling the strings of illicit activity in the Caribbean. After much talk by the government and police of St Kitts Nevis on early Saturday morning last on The Strip on Frigate’s bay three were shot dead and four wounded in a walk by. An act of impunity with a message attached for the powers that be. The killings will no longer be confined to specific areas as Cayon it will now be launched in the heart of the tourism infrastructure. The next link reports on the drive by shooting death of two at the Curacao international airport in broad daylight in the heart of the tourist infrastructure. This is the same island state investigating the daylight murder with impunity of its largest political party in the Parliament of Curacao with a former member of that party a who was a Minister in the former government now being publicly named as a suspect in the Wiels assassination. The next link reports on the official Jamaican government’s spin of the sudden and unexpected early retirement of the then Commissioner of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Owen Ellington. The retired Commissioner was a hand picked member of Operation Kingfish vetted and approved of by the British who financed and constituted this task force which supposedly had the task of breaking up Jamaican drug trafficking. Members of Operation Kingfish also worked closely with US Federal agencies which meant that they were also vetted by these US agencies. Operation Kingfish also paralleled the introduction of British personnel to manage the JCF on a daily basis. With the end of British leadership of the JCF, Ellington was hand picked to return the JCF to Jamaican leadership. Today Ellington is gone and one wonders if the British intervention into the JCF like Operation Kingfish has come to nought, nothing, nils, nada. Operation Kingfish removed small fry whereas today the Mexican affiliates run the Jamaican illicit drug trade and Jamaican gangland has been structurally changed for a new era. Pax Mexicana. The final links points to the reality of the ganja trade between Jamaica and Guyana. Guyanese rice and other exports to Jamaica, Jamaican ganja, Jam Bang, Jam, white ice, to Guyana. Guyana already has a huge ganja production output leaving the conclusion that Jam Bang to Guyana is being exported from Guyana to other markets. Jam Bang burn like rain for the Brazil World Cup? These are all developments in the Caribbean that point to the strategic and organisational potency of the Mexican Cartels in the Caribbean today. What then is the response of the politicians of the Caribbean? Note the ongoing response in East Port of Spain, Trinidad. Not a single drug shipment is interdicted, not a single arms shipment is interdicted whilst licks is shared on those who are not ranking gangsters, the gundoleros, sicarios remain untouched. But the noteworthy reality found in the arms and ammunition seized by the Police and made public is ammunition that will do serious terminal damage but they cannot be used by the guns seized and displayed. This has nothing to do with 7.62 mm and 5.56 mm ammunition which the police and media have an infatuation with. Ammunition will not be held and moved without demand now that is the reality to understand.

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