Caribbean crime events are linked

God is certainly not a Trini and T&T is in no way T&T is special and apart from the common Caribbean crime realities as there is a common strategic order arising from the hegemony of the Mexican cartels over the illicit trades of the Caribbean at present. Just understand the appearance and spread of the chikungunya virus through the Caribbean and into South America and you will understand the movement of people into, through, around and out of the Caribbean by the people smugglers of the Caribbean who are now under the rule of the Mexican cartels. Chinese are moved into and through the Caribbean, dropped in Central America, moved to Mexico and then over the US border. Brazilians are moved to the Dominican Republic, issued with false US id then dropped in Puerto Rico for the jump to the US. Cubans are moved to the Dominican Republic, Central America and Mexico for the jump to the US. People carry diseases and the illicit movement of people spreads these communicable diseases. The politicians of the Caribbean all respond in the same manner: pursue issues because the US is pursuing these issues. Human trafficking is a big US issue so Caribbean governments dance the US dance but in the Caribbean human smuggling trumps trafficking by light years but not a word is heard on this issue much less the reality that there is a thin line that separates smuggling from trafficking a very thin line seen only by politicians. The abiding lesson then is that there are no borders in the Caribbean these exist only on maps and in irrelevant discourse on the sovereignty of nation states. Crime events in any Caribbean nation has then to be placed in a comparative Caribbean Basin crime event context. This methodology then demands Caribbean basin joint action which is the task of the politicians to achieve. I wish you luck on this.

The first link is for the article that reported the interdiction of an ammunition re-loader and shells to be re-loaded in Jamaica. The article also reports on the dissemination of the technology to teenagers by the owner/operator of a re-loading machine that was seized by the Jamaican government. Lesson: re-loaders are in play note this reality in T&T. The second and third links deal with the drive by shootings at the Curacao international airport. Reports indicate that it was in fact a gang hit and one of the gangs involved was also named in the assassination of Heilman Wiels. This report when meshed with the final link raises the reality of the politicisation of gangland in Curacao and with that gangland impunity flows to the extent where you shoot anywhere with impunity. Salient lessons for T&T that enable us to understand what is the reality of T&T now, today.

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