Delusion or deception?

What is noteworthy throughout the Caribbean island chain is the common response by the politicians and the national security apparatuses they command to the spawn of the illicit drug trade in the Caribbean especially gun crimes. They all involve hot spots, lockdowns of hot spots and putting the military on the streets in a civilian policing capacity. Inevitably a legislative agenda that speaks of a zero tolerance on crime is launched the aim of which is the reduction of human rights justified with the language of sacrifices must be made in a war on the criminals. But the cut and fit strategy of the Caribbean has failed miserably and the draconian legislation placed on the statute books have all failed but our eroded human rights are not restored which is creating the context for an assault on the state from within the bowels of the state or for elements of the state to desert the state and sell their services to the Mexican cartels thereby assaulting the state to capture the state by rendering it an appendage of the cartels or both as is the case of Guinea Bissau. In 2013 three human heads were taken and displayed in Trinidad: the first in La Romaine, the second in the car park of the stables of the Arima Race Club which adjoins Caparo and the third displayed on Nelson St, Port of Spain. Since then this action has not been repeated. The message was sent and persons must understand that a message from the Mexican affiliates does not always involve gun violence and mayhem to attain their strategic end. The Mexican cartels command various resources to attain strategic ends including passing information on their targets to various state agencies both national and international and the media. They simply drop the dime on their targets, inform on them and feed the media on them. The obvious reality is that the common Caribbean response to the illicit drug trade is not working and will not work. What it does in fact is create space for the Mexican cartels to play in. Does the military intend to stay forever in East Port of Spain? Nothing has been done to dismantle the illicit structures in East Port of Spain all that is happening is that the shooters have silenced their assault rifles but these rifles have are still in their possession. When the need arises persons are still murdered. In this environment the affiliates of the Mexican cartels if they so desire will easily exert hegemony. State strategy that does not address the reality on the ground simply contributes to the hegemony of the new order sweeping the Caribbean. Pax Mexicana. But state strategy is driven by political expediency by what politicians believe is necessary for re-election. The problem with this is that politicians wielding state power live in a bubble and from this bubble many view the world via delusion whilst some play a game of deception. The overarching reality of the Caribbean is that follow the trail of an illicit act and you soon enter the realm of the licit of the descent and respectable wielding power. The illicit/licit order is the basis of power in the social order of the Caribbean which is the most potent legacy of colonial domination inherited and maintained in Caribbean social orders.

I have listed three links. Links 1 and 2 deal with the shooting at the Hato international airport, Curacao and the third from St Kitts Nevis. Note in all the response of the state is the same as in T&T and the language is all the same as they all share the same discourse. It is a discourse that projects the weakness of the state and the inability of the state security apparatuses to deal with the threat. One common response in the Caribbean today in the face of state weakness is to have a national security spokesman that speaks to the issues in the public domain as a clone of marshall Matt Dillon of Gunsmoke. Remember Dillon was not a talker but a doer.


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