Pax Mexicana

For a very long time I have spoken to silence on the issue of the illicit trades of the Caribbean and the new social order spawned by the illicit trades which is now actively engaged in a battle for hegemony with the existing social order. The response is silence, a silence which masks the moves to render me a vagrant and the position that the sins of the father must fall on the child. But in this reality I count for nothing because the illicit order grows in strength and will not disappear in the event on my death. When you envisage the power of the illicit order in T&T and the Caribbean you ask yourself why then the energy devoted to hunt me, to deprive me of work to render me a vagrant at best? Because in the structure of power I am not even dust in the wind and to destroy my survival chances does not indicate to Pax Mexicana the potency of my pursuers. For in the structure of power of Pax Mexicana they are themselves less than dust in the wind. To prove your rank in the scheme of things then take on Pax Mexicana but make sure you don’t lose your head in that engagement. Now back to overriding reality.


Links 1 and 2 report on the interdiction of an airline passenger from Trinidad with 9 lbs of powdered cocaine in his suitcase at JFK in plain sight. The method of trafficking fits into the model of trafficking out of CJIA in Guyana. Apparently the trafficking organisation is so washed in product the methodology adopted is a wave of product flooding US airports where you simply overwhelm the interdiction structure. Lesson for us: our airports are porous and we are not in control. In the decade of the 1990s a heroin trafficking operation through T&T was never dismantled given the exploding demand for heroin in the US today what do you think is happening now, right now? Only an organisation affiliated to the Mexican cartels can now launch such a wave. Pax Mexicana. Link 3 reports on the dismantling of a drug trafficking organisation that moved product from Sint Maarten/Dutch Saint Martin to the US for years. In 2012 the DEA began dismantling this organisation which is handled in my book: “Cocaine trafficking in the Caribbean and West Africa in the era of the Mexican cartels” available online. What this is simply drop a dime on recalcitrant competitors, inform on them, sell them out to the DEA and then seize their turf. That is the Mexican cartel way those who feel that the way is murder, mayhem and graphic violence that is for Mexico not the operations of the international arms. The drug traffickers of T&T take note and listen as the dime drops in Washington and never forget that in every US Federal super max prison their gang affiliates are there waiting to greet and treat in the prison gang manner even the Aryan Brotherhood. Pax Mexicana. Links 4 and 5 report on the Guyanese registered ship which reportedly left Guyana with a load of Guyanese rice for Jamaica but was interdicted 200 miles south of Puerto Rico loaded with ganja. The question is where was this ship destined for to offload this ganja? Was it following the island chain in order to get back to Guyana or was it on its way to a rendezvous? These questions are of little relevance what is reality is the fact that under the hegemony of the Mexican cartels ganja production and trafficking has exploded in the Caribbean island chain as ganja is but another product in the product mix of Mexican cartels. Ganja production and trafficking is now the indigenous trans Caribbean illicit enterprise. Pax Mexicana.

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