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Evolving CRIME same failed solutions

A news report carried in Latin American Herald Tribune reported on the move to consolidate the operations of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG), Carillo Fuentes, Beltran Leyva and Los Zetas organisations of Mexico into a single transnational organised crime entity. The Carillo Fuentes organisation has a long history of trafficking in the West Indies and was one of the pioneers in creating Mexican organised crime as a powerful international entity. Both the Fuentes and Leyva groups were part of the Sinaloa Federation but became targets of their partners Azul and El Chapo of the Sinaloa Federation in their quest to become the maximum leaders of Mexican organised crime. Fuentes and Leyva would then embrace Los Zetas thereby ensuring Los Zetas became a player in the international organised crime order. What is now clear is that the globalised trafficking arms of these organisations are now demanding that their Mexican operations become globalised as attention shifts to Asia with a product mix that has cocaine now in third place behind meth and heroin. The old mindset that saw only the US market and the border crossings into the US is now a sunset mindset. The sunrise mindset is offshore production to supply the Asian market. Our ride in the Caribbean has now started. Reports in the media of Barbados speaks to the link between the illicit drug trade and the surge of murders in Barbados presently. Young males with guns carrying out drive bys, walk bys and cycle bys. The switching on of the Eastern Caribbean is now manifesting itself and Barbados is the prime target given its transportation links to Europe and North America. But don’t worry the solutions are all the same as apparently the national security apparatuses of the Caribbean read from the same play book for a losing team. On Friday last Dino Bouterse pled guilty to a revised charge sheet in a Federal Court in the US. The report out of Suriname is that he made a deal with the Federal authorities which means he is singing as a semp on steroids. This is a potent reason why Mexican organisations evade dealing with politicians especially in the Caribbean as they simply cannot keep their mouth shut. For you to be fooled by a confidential informant who said that they are working for a Mexican crime organisation means you have no experience with how Mexican crime organisations do business and you have no one on the inside to verify the so-called credentials of the said employee of a Mexican crime organisation. This is so because they don’t deal with you to begin with. Why then target Dino was it to get at Daddy?


Crystal Meth the new drug of choice


It is smoked as crack, it delivers more bang to the dollar than crack and it’s the primary illicit drug of choice of the Mexican cartels. The interdiction of 55 kilos of crystal meth/ice at Orange Walk Town, Belize in the possession of two individuals indicate that a crystal meth wholesale market exists in Belize today which means that the wave of meth/ice that will flow over the Caribbean island chain not already impacted as Puerto Rico is in the works and in train. To those who insist that I write of a minority involved in trafficking because I am jealous of their wealth and progress and I am a racist the wave will not bypass you. There is a special Mexican cartel plan for indigenous traffickers. The application of the Mexican cartel plan will bring to light what is hidden in the shadows. To those at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine who insist that my writings are all faked, fantasy and fairy tales enjoy the wave as there is no immunity save and except through migration. Bit by bit the blocks are being placed to form the wall, the wall of Pax Mexicana. The reality is that many cannot see the bricks being placed to form the wall especially those who play act at being experts on crime. ENJOY the new order. Pax Mexicana.

T&T’s deep water blocks in context

To-date all nine of the deep water blocks awarded in T&T has BHP Billiton as the operator of these blocks. The two deep water blocks awarded to BP ended up with BP giving up operatorship for these two blocks to BHP Billiton when BP embraced a minority ownership position in both blocks. BP has then voted with its feet on the investability of deep water T&T. Whilst in the Gulf of Mexico acreage of the US BP placed 24 bids of USD 41.63 million to acquire blocks in the western margins. BP is then a gas company in T&T but in the US acreages of the Gulf of Mexico it is an oil company. The question therefore arises again on the monetisation of T&T gas in light of the US shale gas revolution. The only viable answer is gas based industrialisation but is BP interested in such investment in T&T? In response to cheaper and abundant US shale gas Exxon Mobil is presently engaged in the process of expanding and creating new capacity for olefin production with shale gas as the feedstock in the US. Can T&T compete in this environment save and except by giving away our gas? In the bidding for western Gulf of Mexico BHP Billiton placed 14 bids with a value of USD 21.8 million whilst Chevron Corporation placed 5 bids with a value of USD 25.7 million and Conoco Philips placed 10 bids with a value of USD 23.4 million. Clearly BHP Billiton is hoping to acquire acreage cheaply compared to Chevron which indicates the pedigree of BHP Billiton in the exploration and production of energy in the Gulf of Mexico. Presently BHP Billiton operates two blocks in the Gulf of Mexico: Neptune and Shenzi and these two deep water blocks sum up the deep water operational experience of the company in its world operations. This same company now operates 9 deep water blocks in T&T. BP was the only company with wide ranging experience and expertise in multiple deep water domains to have held blocks in deep water T&T and now that is no more. BHP Billiton is the company that reported to the world daily oil production figures for the Angostura block which were subsequently falsified by the intricate geology of Trinidad resulting in a daily oil production that is a shadow today of the figures originally given. But the potent question is how does BHP Billiton intend to monetise the gas it discovers in the deep margins? Maybe an aluminium smelter? Why invest in a methanol plant in T&T and not in the US especially when the investors are citizens of a country that has a free trade agreement with the US and the price of US shale gas is competitive? The only logical answer is that you expect to acquire T&T gas feedstock at a lower price than what obtains for US supply. To then sing the praises of having a methanol plant built in T&T for political purposes of voter mobilisation do we cut our national throats? Over to the Ministry of Energy Propaganda.

Denial can’t deal with this!

Readers must understand that transnational drug trafficking organisations (TDTOs) don’t reuse the vehicles utilised for trafficking such as semi submersibles, air planes etc. The rule is then to load the maximum product load possible vs the load of fuel that has to be carried on the semi submersible. A semi submersible is not a submarine hence its serious limitations hence the strategy to release a flood of semi submersibles flooding the pipeline increasing the probability of success. With the product delivered the vessel is simply flooded and sunk and in the event of interdiction the rule is to flood the vessel to sink it with the product on board. The talk of semi submersibles leaving the Caribbean for Africa and Europe that talk is based on calling a semi submersible a submarine they are not one and the same. One can therefore expect semi submersibles now being manufactured in specific areas across the Caribbean. The word out of Haiti is that the jail break was designed to release a number of TDTO personnel incarcerated in the Haitian prison. Said persons have simply disappeared whilst Brandt was easily recaptured by members of the DR military. This action must be viewed in the context of the jailbreak of August 8, 2010 at the Bordelais prison, St Lucia where two Venezuelans arrested on drug trafficking charges exited the prison during an assault on the prison and subsequently disappeared. The message is then clear that prison cannot hold their operatives. Finally the report out of Jamaica is that a swallower interdicted at Sangster International airport, Montego Bay was carrying over 100,000 USD in his stomach/intestines was booked to travel to Trinidad. Momtego Bay is the command and control centre of the international drug trade out of Jamaica and swallowers are now moving cash to Trinidad from Montego Bay. There are then operational links between T&T and Jamaica. The futility of my position is now deafening.

On Monday 18 August 2014 Waldemar Lorenzana Lima head of the largest indigenous illicit drug trafficking organisation in Guatemala , at one time, did his duty and pled guilty in a US court as charged, no deal making, no informing. Such is the Mexican cartel way. Silence is a virtue and an insurance policy against elimination of both you and your family. what is ironic is that the Mexican cartels dropped the dime on the Lorenzana organisation. Indigenous traffickers learn from this as your turn soon come. In spite of the power the Lorenzana organisation wielded in the Guatemalan social order Waldemar and two of his sons are in US prisons whilst the third has disappeared. Pax Mexicana. The futility of the position of the indigenous traffickers of T&T and the Caribbean is now deafening.

Drug sub factory in Guyana


This is the released picture of the semi-submersible vessel found under construction in North West Guyana bordering Venezuela. Made out of fibre glass and already fitted with its diesel engine this vessel is testament to the level of illicit drug trafficking that is now carried out in the Caribbean. Clearly the semi submersible was part of a fleet under construction and in operation to move product to Central America and into the Caribbean island chain for the jump to the US. The Pacific fleet is now joined by the Caribbean fleet. Pax Mexicana. Remember official discourse does not say Mexican cartels they say “organised crime” such denial brings no relief.

Evolution of the Caribbean drug trade

The Caribbean illicit drug trade continues to evolve whilst the states that make up the Caribbean remain trapped in perceptual drift responding to a reality long gone. The reality is constantly evolving and myth will not alter this reality. To understand the picture painted in this blog click on the links. The links are numbered starting from the top with 1.,198903.html

Link 1 from Curacao reports that a new bolita/drug package swallowed by swallowers contains liquid drugs in order to avoid detection by x-ray machines. The bolitas can then avoid detection and the swallowers released but the packaging material of the bolita is much thinner than bolitas containing powdered drugs making then easier to be breached in the stomach. The operating strategy is avoid detection at all costs the swallower is disposable. Pax Mexicana. Link 2 reports on the reality that the facility to deal with swallowers interdicted at Hato international airport, Curacao has collapsed under the wave of swallowers that move through Hato to Europe via the airlines. Swallowers are now allowed to travel to their European destination where those countries are charged with interdiction and prosecution. A tsunami of swallowers has now collapsed security at Hato international airport. When you fail to control your borders and to police the players in the drug trade you lose control of national security. Pax Mexicana. Can we expect a tsunami of swallowers at Piarco international airport. Wait on it! Link 3 reports on an air traveller from Trinidad interdicted at the Norman Manley international airport with approximately 6 kilos of cocaine in her luggage. A breach of security at Piarco international involving 6 kilos of cocaine in luggage which indicates a trafficking organisation with product to burn and a tsunami about to be unleashed. Link 4 reports on the arrest of Barrio 18 members in the state of Chiapas, Mexico with Mexicans and one Guatemalan comprising the clique. Barrio 18 is the El Salvadorian version of the 18 Street gang of Los Angeles, California. El Salvadorian illegal immigrants formed the gang and brought the gang to El Salvador when deported from the US to El Salvador. Barrio 18 is connected to 18 Street, USA and is now an affiliate of the Mexican cartels. Like Mara Salvatrucha these US exports are now spreading through the Caribbean basin recruiting various nationalities as they evolve into transnational organised crime affiliated to the Mexican cartels. Links 5 & 6 deal with the murder rate in the Southside of Belize City, Belize. The reports indicate that the replication of the Crips and Blood gangs of the US in Southside gave rise to the gang wars. Belizeans deported to Belize from the US simply replicated their gang allegiances in Belize City. Although the original leaders of the Belize Crips and Bloods are all dead the dynamics have not changed but continues to evolve. The reports speak of the failure of the social programs and the draconian policing to control the mayhem and one report insists that the mayhem is now entrenched in Southside. What the reports didn’t speak about is the rise of the Belizean Bloods as an affiliate of the Mexican cartels in the US drug trade and the impact the Mexican affiliates are having on the criminal order of Belize. Link 7 is the most revealing of all as it reports on the disappearance of some 40 firearms lodged at the T&T Forensic Centre for ballistics testing. The criminal order has penetrated the security of the centre removing exhibits in cases. The licit order has been breached and rendered impotent which points to the work of organised crime. The response of the state will not recover its hegemony as its in tatters because for years both national and international agencies and experts warned T&T politicians of the ramshackle state of this centre and they did nothing to ensure the integrity of this centre so vital to the rule of law in the so-called war on crime. Organised crime has then sent another message to the powers that be in T&T. I hope they can assess the threat and counter the threat. Wait on it!




Haiti’s reality under Pax Mexicana

The Medellin cartel absorbed Haiti into the transnational illicit drug trade of the Caribbean island chain in the late 1960s and early 1970s. In the decade of the 1990s Haiti served the interests of the transnational drug trafficking organisations (TDTOs) that were in the process of turning Haiti’s neighbour into the illicit drug capital of the Caribbean island chain as a result operatives of these TDTOs became residents of Haiti some even became citizens establishing a new chic in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Noted for their 7/11s, gas stations, cambios, armored Escalades, militias and luxurious houses built like bunkers many of which survived the 2010 earthquake. These resident traffickers during the closing years of the 1990s and the early years of the 21st century turned Haiti into an illicit drug trafficking wild west with no Marshall Dillon. In February 2004 the TDTOs of the Dominican Republic in conjunction with their employees and associates in Haiti funded and armed a rebel militia which was assembled in the Dominican Republic (DR) which invaded Haiti and removed President Jean-Bertrand Aristide from power. The US, Canada, France and the UN hurriedly intervened into Haiti in the aftermath of the drug coup to place limits on the power of the employers of the militia that overthrew Aristide. That is why the drug financed militia continues to wield power in areas outside of Port-au -Prince especially in the rural areas. That is why up to today they patrol Haiti with MINUSTAH troops, they are absorbed into the Haitian National Police (HNP) and are awaiting recruitment into the new Haitian army that President Martelly is dead set on re-creating. The drug militia was never disarmed and dispersed by MINUSTAH and the US the shot caller in Haiti. In the aftermath of the 2004 drug coup one of the leaders of the drug militia Guy Philippe who was a presidential candidate in the first presidential election in the aftermath of the drug coup was indicted by the US for drug trafficking and on two occasion operations were launched by the US to rendition Philippe without success and he remains at large today. In the aftermath of the 2004 coup and the coming of Pax Mexicana to Haiti the reality in Haiti has changed dramatically as Haiti now hasĀ  thriving retail and wholesale drug markets with all the attendant gun violence. In Haiti there is now political violence which was always endemic to Haiti that mixes with drug violence and gang violence. The Haitian state cannot respond to the volume of product that the Mexican cartels move through Haiti given the chronic underdevelopment of the Haitian state and economy. Whilst MINUSTAH is present in Haiti to suppress with force where necessary popular rebellion against a neo-liberal order that enhances chronic poverty. Likewise the shot caller in Haiti is not concerned with the hegemony of Pax Mexicana in Haiti being more interested in ensuring Haiti’s compliance with a neo-liberal order and subservience to the west. To accomplish this Aristide and the popular movement has to be politically neutered. The power wielded by the TDTOs in February 2004 in removing an elected President placed them at the table where Haiti is carved up and now the Mexican cartels are at the table. The order of the Mexican cartels in Haiti now involves Haitian gangland as affiliates and a Jamaican gangland presence in Haiti as Haiti is now linked to Jamaica as it is to the DR, Turks and Caicos islands and The Bahamas. And in all of this the nations of the west involved in Haitian affairs simply don’t see nor act on this reality. Haiti is today a player in the order of Pax Mexicana.

Click on the links to learn segments of the daily reality of Haiti. Read and reflect on the question if this is our reality also!