Trini in the land of Khalifah

Eid Greetings via a video of foreign fighters belonging to the Islamic State includes testimony of Abu Abdurahman al-Trinidadi who is supposedly of Trinidadian origin in the US and is now an Islamic State foreign fighter. What is noteworthy is the placement of “Trinidadi” in his name denoting his origin, seeking also to establish Trinidad’s notoriety for fighters who embrace martyrdom with joy and sending a message to fellow minded Trinis yet to make the jump to Turkey then to Syria and finally the Islamic State. We reach! Especially since 11 September 2001 members of the Ummah of T&T adopted the mind set that Salafi Jihadi Islamic extremism was a brand you play with just as many in T&T delude themselves that Gansta is a brand. You can display the brand but all it is a brand not a worldview/way of life but in this context persons are convinced that it is more than a brand but a way of life and convictions produce action. Such is the difference between Islam and the version of the munafiqun. What must be understood is that the Islamic State is not a Salafi Jihadi organisation as its belief system does not flow with Salafi Jihadi orthodoxy as seen in the works of the prominent Salifi Jihadi scholar Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi. The main issue is the right to slaughter Muslims who do not abide by the belief system of the Islamic State termed takfir. The Islamic State is then a takfiri organisation where Sunni Muslims opposed to the Islamic State are liquidated and the Shia and Sufi are less than human worthy of death. Those recruited from T&T declaring allegiance to the Islamic State will now inject into T&T if and when they return Takfiri extremism under which those who play at being extremists will be sorely tested. Click on the links for the video etc. Click on Link 3 it works.

Those interested in the Salafi Jihadi and Takfiri worldview can check my book: “Salafi Jihadi Discourse of Sunni Islam in the 21st century The discourse of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi and Anwar al-Awlaki” Available on the web in e-book and hard copy format.

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