Evolution of the Caribbean drug trade

The Caribbean illicit drug trade continues to evolve whilst the states that make up the Caribbean remain trapped in perceptual drift responding to a reality long gone. The reality is constantly evolving and myth will not alter this reality. To understand the picture painted in this blog click on the links. The links are numbered starting from the top with 1.








Link 1 from Curacao reports that a new bolita/drug package swallowed by swallowers contains liquid drugs in order to avoid detection by x-ray machines. The bolitas can then avoid detection and the swallowers released but the packaging material of the bolita is much thinner than bolitas containing powdered drugs making then easier to be breached in the stomach. The operating strategy is avoid detection at all costs the swallower is disposable. Pax Mexicana. Link 2 reports on the reality that the facility to deal with swallowers interdicted at Hato international airport, Curacao has collapsed under the wave of swallowers that move through Hato to Europe via the airlines. Swallowers are now allowed to travel to their European destination where those countries are charged with interdiction and prosecution. A tsunami of swallowers has now collapsed security at Hato international airport. When you fail to control your borders and to police the players in the drug trade you lose control of national security. Pax Mexicana. Can we expect a tsunami of swallowers at Piarco international airport. Wait on it! Link 3 reports on an air traveller from Trinidad interdicted at the Norman Manley international airport with approximately 6 kilos of cocaine in her luggage. A breach of security at Piarco international involving 6 kilos of cocaine in luggage which indicates a trafficking organisation with product to burn and a tsunami about to be unleashed. Link 4 reports on the arrest of Barrio 18 members in the state of Chiapas, Mexico with Mexicans and one Guatemalan comprising the clique. Barrio 18 is the El Salvadorian version of the 18 Street gang of Los Angeles, California. El Salvadorian illegal immigrants formed the gang and brought the gang to El Salvador when deported from the US to El Salvador. Barrio 18 is connected to 18 Street, USA and is now an affiliate of the Mexican cartels. Like Mara Salvatrucha these US exports are now spreading through the Caribbean basin recruiting various nationalities as they evolve into transnational organised crime affiliated to the Mexican cartels. Links 5 & 6 deal with the murder rate in the Southside of Belize City, Belize. The reports indicate that the replication of the Crips and Blood gangs of the US in Southside gave rise to the gang wars. Belizeans deported to Belize from the US simply replicated their gang allegiances in Belize City. Although the original leaders of the Belize Crips and Bloods are all dead the dynamics have not changed but continues to evolve. The reports speak of the failure of the social programs and the draconian policing to control the mayhem and one report insists that the mayhem is now entrenched in Southside. What the reports didn’t speak about is the rise of the Belizean Bloods as an affiliate of the Mexican cartels in the US drug trade and the impact the Mexican affiliates are having on the criminal order of Belize. Link 7 is the most revealing of all as it reports on the disappearance of some 40 firearms lodged at the T&T Forensic Centre for ballistics testing. The criminal order has penetrated the security of the centre removing exhibits in cases. The licit order has been breached and rendered impotent which points to the work of organised crime. The response of the state will not recover its hegemony as its in tatters because for years both national and international agencies and experts warned T&T politicians of the ramshackle state of this centre and they did nothing to ensure the integrity of this centre so vital to the rule of law in the so-called war on crime. Organised crime has then sent another message to the powers that be in T&T. I hope they can assess the threat and counter the threat. Wait on it!




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