Denial can’t deal with this!

Readers must understand that transnational drug trafficking organisations (TDTOs) don’t reuse the vehicles utilised for trafficking such as semi submersibles, air planes etc. The rule is then to load the maximum product load possible vs the load of fuel that has to be carried on the semi submersible. A semi submersible is not a submarine hence its serious limitations hence the strategy to release a flood of semi submersibles flooding the pipeline increasing the probability of success. With the product delivered the vessel is simply flooded and sunk and in the event of interdiction the rule is to flood the vessel to sink it with the product on board. The talk of semi submersibles leaving the Caribbean for Africa and Europe that talk is based on calling a semi submersible a submarine they are not one and the same. One can therefore expect semi submersibles now being manufactured in specific areas across the Caribbean. The word out of Haiti is that the jail break was designed to release a number of TDTO personnel incarcerated in the Haitian prison. Said persons have simply disappeared whilst Brandt was easily recaptured by members of the DR military. This action must be viewed in the context of the jailbreak of August 8, 2010 at the Bordelais prison, St Lucia where two Venezuelans arrested on drug trafficking charges exited the prison during an assault on the prison and subsequently disappeared. The message is then clear that prison cannot hold their operatives. Finally the report out of Jamaica is that a swallower interdicted at Sangster International airport, Montego Bay was carrying over 100,000 USD in his stomach/intestines was booked to travel to Trinidad. Momtego Bay is the command and control centre of the international drug trade out of Jamaica and swallowers are now moving cash to Trinidad from Montego Bay. There are then operational links between T&T and Jamaica. The futility of my position is now deafening.

On Monday 18 August 2014 Waldemar Lorenzana Lima head of the largest indigenous illicit drug trafficking organisation in Guatemala , at one time, did his duty and pled guilty in a US court as charged, no deal making, no informing. Such is the Mexican cartel way. Silence is a virtue and an insurance policy against elimination of both you and your family. what is ironic is that the Mexican cartels dropped the dime on the Lorenzana organisation. Indigenous traffickers learn from this as your turn soon come. In spite of the power the Lorenzana organisation wielded in the Guatemalan social order Waldemar and two of his sons are in US prisons whilst the third has disappeared. Pax Mexicana. The futility of the position of the indigenous traffickers of T&T and the Caribbean is now deafening.

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