Crystal Meth the new drug of choice


It is smoked as crack, it delivers more bang to the dollar than crack and it’s the primary illicit drug of choice of the Mexican cartels. The interdiction of 55 kilos of crystal meth/ice at Orange Walk Town, Belize in the possession of two individuals indicate that a crystal meth wholesale market exists in Belize today which means that the wave of meth/ice that will flow over the Caribbean island chain not already impacted as Puerto Rico is in the works and in train. To those who insist that I write of a minority involved in trafficking because I am jealous of their wealth and progress and I am a racist the wave will not bypass you. There is a special Mexican cartel plan for indigenous traffickers. The application of the Mexican cartel plan will bring to light what is hidden in the shadows. To those at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine who insist that my writings are all faked, fantasy and fairy tales enjoy the wave as there is no immunity save and except through migration. Bit by bit the blocks are being placed to form the wall, the wall of Pax Mexicana. The reality is that many cannot see the bricks being placed to form the wall especially those who play act at being experts on crime. ENJOY the new order. Pax Mexicana.

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