Evolving CRIME same failed solutions

A news report carried in Latin American Herald Tribune reported on the move to consolidate the operations of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG), Carillo Fuentes, Beltran Leyva and Los Zetas organisations of Mexico into a single transnational organised crime entity. The Carillo Fuentes organisation has a long history of trafficking in the West Indies and was one of the pioneers in creating Mexican organised crime as a powerful international entity. Both the Fuentes and Leyva groups were part of the Sinaloa Federation but became targets of their partners Azul and El Chapo of the Sinaloa Federation in their quest to become the maximum leaders of Mexican organised crime. Fuentes and Leyva would then embrace Los Zetas thereby ensuring Los Zetas became a player in the international organised crime order. What is now clear is that the globalised trafficking arms of these organisations are now demanding that their Mexican operations become globalised as attention shifts to Asia with a product mix that has cocaine now in third place behind meth and heroin. The old mindset that saw only the US market and the border crossings into the US is now a sunset mindset. The sunrise mindset is offshore production to supply the Asian market. Our ride in the Caribbean has now started. Reports in the media of Barbados speaks to the link between the illicit drug trade and the surge of murders in Barbados presently. Young males with guns carrying out drive bys, walk bys and cycle bys. The switching on of the Eastern Caribbean is now manifesting itself and Barbados is the prime target given its transportation links to Europe and North America. But don’t worry the solutions are all the same as apparently the national security apparatuses of the Caribbean read from the same play book for a losing team. On Friday last Dino Bouterse pled guilty to a revised charge sheet in a Federal Court in the US. The report out of Suriname is that he made a deal with the Federal authorities which means he is singing as a semp on steroids. This is a potent reason why Mexican organisations evade dealing with politicians especially in the Caribbean as they simply cannot keep their mouth shut. For you to be fooled by a confidential informant who said that they are working for a Mexican crime organisation means you have no experience with how Mexican crime organisations do business and you have no one on the inside to verify the so-called credentials of the said employee of a Mexican crime organisation. This is so because they don’t deal with you to begin with. Why then target Dino was it to get at Daddy?



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