The Evolution is now cast in stone

I have little to say on the link to devsur except this: Is this our future? Click on the link and reflect on this. The two links from curacao chronicle describe a reality where today the coast guard responsible for security of the coastal territory of Curacao and Bonaire are not patrolling these waters because the security of the members of the coastguard based in Curacao cannot be guaranteed in the face of aggression exercised against coastguard members. The coastal margins of Curacao and Bonaire have therefore been ceded to the illicit traffickers that operate in these waters. No longer intent to buy impunity the new order demands the exercise of hegemony visibly and publicly. Simply do not put your patrol craft out to sea and the price for doing this is clear. This is Pax Mexicana. This is our future. Finally the link from kaieteur news illustrates how simple it is to have a very simple person killed on a suspicion of being an informer in Guyana. This is the most potent example of an evolved illicit drug social order that insists it is a functioning democracy: a narcodemocracy. Click on the links, read and ask yourself the existential questions that arise. If you so dare.

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