Globalisation of the COCA plant

In the late 1990s reports out of Central Africa insisted that Mexicans with their allies were present in Central African states especially the the Democratic Republic of the Congo for the express purpose of establishing coca plantations. The move therefore was to create a cocaine offshore production platform in Africa. Today a series of methamphetamine production sites under the control of Mexican organisations operate in Africa but the coca plantation strategy remains masked by silence. But now word has entered the public domain of the discovery of a coca plantation in Chiapas state, Mexico on the border with Guatemala. The strategy has now come home as data collected from the sojourn in Central Africa points to the viability of establishing multiple coca plantation sites in the Western Hemisphere outside of Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. This then is the attempt by the Mexican organisations to change the supply of coca paste dynamics for the production of cocaine in the Western Hemisphere. By globalising the coca plant multiple production points will be established thereby breaking the Colombia, Peru and Bolivia choke point. Note the coca plantation was in Chiapas state, Mexico and extensive drug labs to produce cocaine hydrochloride from coca paste exist presently in Guatemala. This development in Mexico will result in the deepening of the trafficking activity of Mexican organisations through the Caribbean island chain and one can very well soon discover coca and ganja plantations in the Caribbean island chain existing side by side. You sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Pax Mexicana;_ylt=AwrBJR.8aBFUF18AvAHQtDMD

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