Voices from GANGLAND T&T

This is my post number 50. Click on the links to the three You Tube posts and listen/understand the discourse of Gangsta of Militant. Having learnt from the mistakes of the maximum leaders of gangland T&T who went before and are all dead a new discourse of gangsta has then evolved. The core lesson is don’t act out on the desire to be a maximum leader stick to your zone and be invisible as far as possible. The core business remains the same: drugs with all the rest being streams that flow into the revenue river. The drugs and guns are available and the police is not the gravest threat to the illicit enterprise. The gravest threat flows out of gangland hence the need for violence: gun violence. What is clearly evident is the discourse of Militant qualifies him and his organisation for acceptance as an affiliate of a Mexican cartel where the drugs and gun supply will explode. Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Pax Mexicana

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