A second head was taken and displayed on the margins of Caparo the first in 2013 and now again in 2014. A persistent message Ciudad Juarez style. Then two shooting incidents resulting in death/s that bore all the hallmarks of killing Ciudad Juarez style. The Seetahal and the Desperlie Crescent killings exhibit the modus operandi utilised by cartel sicarios in Ciudad Juarez especially the Desperlie Crescent killings. In fact if the Desperlie Crescent killings were cartel in origin T&T has now seen a public expression of Pax Mexicana expressed by affiliates of a Mexican cartel who are members of the national security apparatus. If this is so are the APCs now necessary for the safety of the ruling politicians? Who is then ruling? Then there was the case of the Makayabella, the motorised yacht held off the Irish coast with one tonne of cocaine in 41 bales. The reports are conflicting and sketchy but there is the position that the yacht was in Trinidad for some time before it left for Venezuela before setting out across the Atlantic. The reality is that the trafficking operation was a nickle and dime affair as the main mast of the yacht broke, it ran out of fuel and was in some distress when interdicted. A comedy of errors as the case of Dancing with Waves which was also in Trinidad. Clearly a Mexican cartel dropped a dime on this crew to purge the independents from their turf. Surrender to Pax Mexicana or pay the price. Gold or Lead. What is stopping the loading of 41 bales of kilo bricks on the yacht in Trinidad when not a single government of T&T has undertaken the task of dismantling a single trafficking organisation using the sailing vessel method operating in T&T? Yet they boast of interdiction and all they did to aid the interdiction. But the organisation in T&T is untouched and in the best of trafficking health. This is called the game of drugs where the poor and especially Africans fill the jails for “drug crimes”. Remember for writing about these realities my reward is vagrant poverty because  what I speak and write about is all fantasy. Yeah right! Embrace Pax Mexicana it is now legion!

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