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Islamic State and all of us

In Islamic discourse there is a methodology termed Taqiyyah where a Muslim faced with a threat to her/his life because they are Muslim can deny they are Muslim in a bid to save their life. The Shia utilised taqiyyah as a strategy of survival in the sectarian wars with Sunnis in Islam for centuries. But the crucial reality is the use of taqiyyah as a weapon of engagement with the unbelievers/kaffirun who are defined as enemies of Islam. This is a widespread strategy utilised today throughout Islam where you  publicly lie to the kaffirun. The public denials and the attacks on Islamic State can then be simply strategic where you skin and grin with the kaffirun in an attempt to mask the ongoing strategy by stringing along the kaffirun. A prominent strategy where race dominates electoral politics is to insist that your race identity trumps your Muslim commitment and expect that when members of your race dominate the government they will then afford you operational space. The focus then falls on those of another race group whether they are a potent threat or not. But the potent underlying reality is the inability of the shot callers in the national security apparatuses to understand the nature of the motivational message of Islamic State to especially Muslims fed a diet of Salifi Jihadi discourse. The cornerstone of Islamic State motivational discourse is: “There is no life without JIhad and there is no Jihad without Hijrah” To live as a Muslim devoid of Jihad is not living whether as a mujahid/fighter or as a supporter via wealth, logistics etc that is the only lifestyle Muslims are called to. To fail to accept this fard/obligation is to deny submission to Almighty Allah (swt). The only path to Jihad is to emigrate to the Islamic State. The lone wolf attack methodology of the other group is not the prime strategy. Jihad exists on the battlefields of the Islamic State. A pure form as in the days of the Salaf of Islam. In this motivational structure you can’t expect to be paid USD 1000 per day nor are mercenaries recruited. The pressing question remains the ability of the shot callers of the national security apparatuses to understand the nature and potency of this motivational discourse and to act on this reality. To-date the sings are not encouraging.

Click the link and read/listen to the discourse spoken by a Russian mujahid. This discourse separates IS from all other groups and those charged with national security/insecurity I do hope they understand the reality they are dealing with. All the western myopic attempts at defining the IS reality in western terms have failed miserably it is necessary to understand IS through the discourse of Islam. You cannot successfully dismantle a vehicle built on metric measurement with imperial measurement based tools. That is an act of lunacy posing as sanity.


Human smuggling Mexican cartel style!

The most potent indicator of the hegemony of Mexican organised crime over the illicit trades of the Caribbean during the 21st century is the explosion of human smuggling operations that now use the Caribbean island chain and Central America as transition zones for illicit migrants heading to the US and Canada. The entry of people from the world over intent on entering the US illicitly into the Caribbean on their way to Central America and eventually Mexico points to the existence of transnational, globalised smuggling operations under the hegemony of Mexican organised crime operating in the Caribbean island chain. There is also the movement of people within the Caribbean basin being moved to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands seeking to enter the US. A major issue with the illicit movement of large groups of people is the epidemiological dangers posed. The rapid spread of the chikv through the Caribbean and into Latin America illustrates the movement of people and the risk of transmission of communicable diseases. The issue now is the risk of the transmission of the Ebola virus. On October 7, 2014 General Kelly, Commander of US Southern Command in a presentation at the US National Defense University (NDU) related the instance of five male Liberians waiting to cross the border into Nicaragua on their way to New York illicitly indicated that they came from T&T. It is now apparent that T&T is now linked to a West African smuggling pipeline which links T&T to Central America and Mexico with the coyotes running freely along this pipeline with impunity as they move their pollos. Let denial and the politics of race fix this clear and present danger to the social order of T&T. At the NDU it was also stated that the old idea that organised crime and terrorist organisations don’t form alliances and enterprises of mutual benefit. The NDU is now stating that this is now not so and this ideas has to be discarded within the US national security apparatus. In the early 21st century when I said they were intimately linked I was dismissed as a lunatic fraud intent on polluting the minds of the future generations of T&T. What manner of persons with what agenda will be moved through these people smuggling pipelines into T&T? Denial can’t solve pressing problems all it does is kill the messengers. Click on the link and learn. Note the paranoia and expect the covert and overt actions to deal with the clear and present danger.

Islamic State

Click on the link and learn. Graduates coming soon to a location near you. Note carefully that IS has now elevated suicide bombing to an offensive battlefield weapon sending waves of suicide bombers on the battlefield. Every suicide bomber is then a recruit seeking to be a Shahid and in search of martyrdom for the cause. You have had instances in the past where persons who are tertiary level education graduates accepted martyrdom for the cause of IS. The old western media stereotypes are simply incapable of explaining what is IS. The latest is now to describe IS as barbarians. Barbarians that are using drones in their attacks in Syria and capable of manipulating all the US supplied equipment seized in Iraq. Do not for one one moment believe they are mentally deficient even challenged.

Islamic State and Trinidad and Tobago

At least since the 1970s Muslims of T&T have answered the call to be active in the war against the enemies of Islam both at home and abroad. In the aftermath of the attacks on the US in 2001a two pronged strategy was launched amongst Muslims in T&T which involved the spread and ultimate dominance of Salafi Jihadi discourse over the Muslim Ummah/Community of T&T whilst Muslims were recruited to depart T&T to fight in the wars against the west in Muslim lands: Afghanistan etc. Muslim boys of T&T were sent to madrassas famous for teaching dominant members of the Afghani and Pakistani Taliban. Likewise boys were sent to the premier repositories of Salafi Jihadi Wahabi extremism in Saudi Arabia for instruction. This strategy has been executed for years under the public mask of the discourse of “Islam is a religion of peace” which involves naming persons/ groups as being non-Muslims/radicals and now the latest moniker: terrorists. The first whipping boy of this strategy was the Jamaat al Muslimeen before July 27 1990 and since 1990 the perfect villain of the piece to reflect the gaze from those who are committed to an extremist agenda and the politicians over time have bought into this strategy of deception hook line and sinker. Suddenly the talking heads of the Muslim Ummah are lining up to publicly state their support for the war on terror in its latest phase stating again their dictum that Islam is a religion of peace and Islamic State and its members are outside the pale of Islam. I await the next phase of pinning the donkey tail on the Jamaat al Muslimeen the knee jerk villain. What the talking heads must tell the kafirun/unbelievers of T&T why in the aftermath of 9/11 when Adnan el Shukrijumah was on his sojourn in T&T no one gave give him up to the kafir but rather chose to give shelter and support to this world famous extremist? Why suddenly today the fervour to denounce Islamic  State and its followers? Is it because the government of today is drastically different from that during the visit of Shukrijumah? Shukrijumah visited whilst the PNM was ruling. Do we then as Muslims enjoin the good and forbid the evil based on which party is ruling? Does the politics of race trump the Will of Almighty Allah (swt)? The next glaring reality is the inability of members of the media both local and abroad to understand what is the Islamic State with the expected resort to sensational declarations supported by nothing that is real. The latest is the 1000 USD per day pay for foreign fighters.  In the order of battle of the Islamic State there is a hierarchy of fighters. The top echelon are those battle hardened veterans of wars fought around the world and at the dreg level are those who have no battlefield experience and reputation. Besides the Arab oligarchy that wields power in the Islamic State the most respected fighters are the Chechens. A raw recruit from T&T with no battlefield experience if accepted is placed in the dreg level and must seek to be jumped in to join a squad led by a fighter with rank and power. A beheading on video released to the world and an appearance on an Islamic State video outside of battlefield heroic action are paths to rank to be jumped in. Never forget to be Shahid/Martyr means you are dead without profit in the here and now. This then is the gravest threat to a citizen of Trinidad and Tobago falling into the hands of Islamic State they can end up as the victim of the public act to enable successful jump in. The 1000 USD per day is then as usual speculative propaganda to feed panic. Finally if successive governments of Trinidad and Tobago were intent on doing their job on monitoring and policing Islamic extremism there would have been no need to co-sponsor a UN Security resolution on Islamic State. Reputation for solid interventions and quality intelligence in the international community trumps co-sponsoring resolutions that amount to little geopolitically.