Human smuggling Mexican cartel style!

The most potent indicator of the hegemony of Mexican organised crime over the illicit trades of the Caribbean during the 21st century is the explosion of human smuggling operations that now use the Caribbean island chain and Central America as transition zones for illicit migrants heading to the US and Canada. The entry of people from the world over intent on entering the US illicitly into the Caribbean on their way to Central America and eventually Mexico points to the existence of transnational, globalised smuggling operations under the hegemony of Mexican organised crime operating in the Caribbean island chain. There is also the movement of people within the Caribbean basin being moved to Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands seeking to enter the US. A major issue with the illicit movement of large groups of people is the epidemiological dangers posed. The rapid spread of the chikv through the Caribbean and into Latin America illustrates the movement of people and the risk of transmission of communicable diseases. The issue now is the risk of the transmission of the Ebola virus. On October 7, 2014 General Kelly, Commander of US Southern Command in a presentation at the US National Defense University (NDU) related the instance of five male Liberians waiting to cross the border into Nicaragua on their way to New York illicitly indicated that they came from T&T. It is now apparent that T&T is now linked to a West African smuggling pipeline which links T&T to Central America and Mexico with the coyotes running freely along this pipeline with impunity as they move their pollos. Let denial and the politics of race fix this clear and present danger to the social order of T&T. At the NDU it was also stated that the old idea that organised crime and terrorist organisations don’t form alliances and enterprises of mutual benefit. The NDU is now stating that this is now not so and this ideas has to be discarded within the US national security apparatus. In the early 21st century when I said they were intimately linked I was dismissed as a lunatic fraud intent on polluting the minds of the future generations of T&T. What manner of persons with what agenda will be moved through these people smuggling pipelines into T&T? Denial can’t solve pressing problems all it does is kill the messengers. Click on the link and learn. Note the paranoia and expect the covert and overt actions to deal with the clear and present danger.

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