Islamic State and all of us

In Islamic discourse there is a methodology termed Taqiyyah where a Muslim faced with a threat to her/his life because they are Muslim can deny they are Muslim in a bid to save their life. The Shia utilised taqiyyah as a strategy of survival in the sectarian wars with Sunnis in Islam for centuries. But the crucial reality is the use of taqiyyah as a weapon of engagement with the unbelievers/kaffirun who are defined as enemies of Islam. This is a widespread strategy utilised today throughout Islam where you  publicly lie to the kaffirun. The public denials and the attacks on Islamic State can then be simply strategic where you skin and grin with the kaffirun in an attempt to mask the ongoing strategy by stringing along the kaffirun. A prominent strategy where race dominates electoral politics is to insist that your race identity trumps your Muslim commitment and expect that when members of your race dominate the government they will then afford you operational space. The focus then falls on those of another race group whether they are a potent threat or not. But the potent underlying reality is the inability of the shot callers in the national security apparatuses to understand the nature of the motivational message of Islamic State to especially Muslims fed a diet of Salifi Jihadi discourse. The cornerstone of Islamic State motivational discourse is: “There is no life without JIhad and there is no Jihad without Hijrah” To live as a Muslim devoid of Jihad is not living whether as a mujahid/fighter or as a supporter via wealth, logistics etc that is the only lifestyle Muslims are called to. To fail to accept this fard/obligation is to deny submission to Almighty Allah (swt). The only path to Jihad is to emigrate to the Islamic State. The lone wolf attack methodology of the other group is not the prime strategy. Jihad exists on the battlefields of the Islamic State. A pure form as in the days of the Salaf of Islam. In this motivational structure you can’t expect to be paid USD 1000 per day nor are mercenaries recruited. The pressing question remains the ability of the shot callers of the national security apparatuses to understand the nature and potency of this motivational discourse and to act on this reality. To-date the sings are not encouraging.

Click the link and read/listen to the discourse spoken by a Russian mujahid. This discourse separates IS from all other groups and those charged with national security/insecurity I do hope they understand the reality they are dealing with. All the western myopic attempts at defining the IS reality in western terms have failed miserably it is necessary to understand IS through the discourse of Islam. You cannot successfully dismantle a vehicle built on metric measurement with imperial measurement based tools. That is an act of lunacy posing as sanity.


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