Signs of Pax Mexicana Caribbean style

In 2010 there was the jail break at Bordelais correctional centre, St Lucia where two Venezuelan drug traffickers made their dramatic exit from the facility and from St Lucia with impunity. Then in 2014 there was the jail break at the facility in Haiti newly built by the Canadian government in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake where drug traffickers escaped and are still free. On October 24, 2014 the Najayo prison in the Dominican Republic was attacked externally by armed men and internally by armed inmates resulting in the death of four and injury to 14 but the attempted jail break was a failure. Najayo prison is the facility that houses a significant majority of persons incarcerated for crimes linked to the thriving illicit drug trade of the Dominican Republic including murders. This attack is then a message sent. Pax Mexicana is therefore sending a loud message that the ramshackle, overcrowded prisons of the Caribbean with their suspect managers will not hold them. This message applies only to those countries that do arrest players in this business as most do not in the Caribbean. In July 2014 Ramon Cervantes Sr of Orange Walk, Belize was kidnapped and murdered. The alleged mastermind of the crime was named as Manual Castillo who at this time is on the run. The family of Ramon Cervantes made public a tape recording of a conversation with allegedly Manual Castillo who insisted that a Mexican gang, a politician and eight members of the Belize police were the ones responsible for the death of Cervantes. In the tape recording supposedly Castillo states that he was given the contract to kill Cervantes but he refused. In the scheme of things Manual Castillo is marked for death for a variety of reasons. A sicario cannot refuse to carry out an order and live. Reads and smells like Juarez, Mexico. The first batch of links deal with the jailbreaks and prison life in Antigua and Barbuda whilst the second deals with Belize.

November 19, 2014 What is perhaps the most potent instance to-date of the rapid evolution of the Caribbean illicit drug trade was reported from Gatwick airport, UK. The rope used to secure a pallet of air cargo from Jamaica was found to contain cocaine at its core. The rope was woven around the core of cocaine in keeping with the methodology of the most sophisticated and effective method of smuggling cocaine termed the darkness in the business. Every single piece of cordage from the Caribbean is now under suspicion. Another brick in the wall of the tsunami of product emanating from the Caribbean. The other link reports on the interdiction of cocaine in a suitcase from Trinidad at JFK, New York.


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