Media reports, Islamic State and reality

The imperative to unleash reports that scoop your competitors especially in the for profit media raises the question of the accuracy of such scoops especially when the persons reporting simply don’t understand the complex reality of what they are reporting on because this reality is outside of their worldview. To put it simply can the kaffirun/unbelievers report on Islamic State when they don’t/cannot understand much less translate the reality they are supposedly reporting on? One such case in point is the CCN TV6 report on the supposed IS recruiter for T&T aired November 11, 2014. What was described was not an IS recruiter but an IS logistic facilitator in the CCN TV 6 report. An IS recruiter is in the face of the prospective recruits vetting them whilst imparting the discourse of IS. This is a hands on approach that involves vetting and indoctrination. Does the reputed recruiter in Venezuela according to the news report wield personal knowledge of the discourse of IS which enables dissemination and indoctrination? This is the IS model recruiter: a male Muslim so versed in the discourse of IS combined with the power of dissemination and persuasion to win followers to the call of IS. In Islam it is called da’wa. The ideal recruiter is then a Sheik. Is then the story fabricated and fed to the media by persons intent on masking the identity of the actual recruiter? The news report is weighed down with inconsistencies which don’t flow with reality on the ground. The reality of the Venezuelan drug trade and the reality of the operational protocols of Islamic State raise concerns of accuracy. It will be an operational disaster for the national security apparatus to believe that IS employs mercenaries and a kaffir gang banger will be an ideal IS recruit. I have listed an interview with an IS recruiter from Der Spiegel online to expose readers to the discursive depth of an IS recruiter. Note the commitment to the IS worldview.


November 13, 2014 Click on the link from MEMRI and experience the fundamental contradiction between Al Qaeda and Islamic State I have written repeatedly about. Islamic State is not an organic growth of the discourse of Al Qaeda. I de-constructed the discourse of  Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi in my book “Salafi Jihadi Discourse of Sunni Islam in the 21th century”

November 13, 2014 The group of Trinbagonians detained in Venezuela along with a Haitian and two members of the Bolivarian Police were yesterday charged and detained to face trial. Click the Prensa Latina link.


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