Message from Islamic State: DEAL WITH IT

The strategy of recruitment of Islamic State has evolved in a bid to deal with informers from the West joining as mujahid on hijra/Islamic warriors fleeing the West. It is now common that an Islamic State sheikh has to vouch for the mujahid on hijra. Find the sheikh you finger the recruiter!!! Click the link for the story.

The Discourse of the Islamic State has now changed to embrace those in the West who cannot make hijra to the Khalifah. Those unable must make Jihad in the West by any means necessary: poison, chopping, motor vehicle murder etc, etc. Click the link.

November 26, 2014 The broken windows man and the vast national security apparatus must now determine if an Islamic State shaykh/sheikh is present in T&T. Anyone for extra jumbo pepper shrimps/strimps???

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