Why they can’t say Pax Mexicana!

Commander Kelly of US Southern Command recently visited Belize, Guatemala and Honduras in pursuit of the war against “transnational organised crime” operations in the three countries visited. General Kelly just cannot say Mexican transnational organised crime but he articulates the danger posed to the US by said transnational crime as it operates in the three named countries. The refusal to say Mexican changes nothing on the ground and the fact that the so-called war on the cartels in Mexico means very little in Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Since 2006 is there a war on the cartels and between the cartels in Mexico? Only in western media. Belize is a member of CARICOM and named by the US as a state where “transnational organised crime” poses a threat to the US. What of the threat to CARICOM and the rest of the Caribbean basin? Denial answers in the negative! The broken windows man in an article carried in the Express online stated that US DEA was involved with the investigation in the assassination of Dana Seetahal and eventually the US DEA will get results. Is the US DEA now part of the T&T national security apparatus? It is expected that with a T&T government request the US FBI can respond within the limits set by law and treaty. The US DEA has a specific mandate under US Federal law. Is then the assassination the product of a conspiracy or deliberate action of members of a trafficking organisation that breaks US law in the course of their operations? Is it then the product of a transnational organised crime group that moves product to the US? Is then the statement of the US Under secretary of State  for narcotics control then correct when he insisted that the assassination was the action of a transnational organised crime group? Over to the broken windows man. Again my position is proving correct but not correct for employment at UWI, St Augustine! UWI demands denial correctness. The most masked aspect of the illicit trades of the Caribbean is the washing of the money and one aspect of this is transporting the cash money. At some point in the laundering cycle the cash has to be moved and placed in the washer which necessitates transportation. Click on the links and experience illicit instances of transporting cash money in the Caribbean.


Click the links for Kelly and broken windows man.



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